How TIP Differs From OIT

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– SoCal Food Allergy’s
Tolerance Induction Program is the first food allergy
treatment program of its kind, based on hundreds of biomarkers
collected on your child which are then compared to
trillions of data points collected across our food
anaphylaxis population. The Tolerance Induction
Program, called TIP for short, allows food-allergic children
to achieve the ability to eat whatever, whenever they want without the fear of reaction. So, how is TIP different from O.I.T.? Most importantly, O.I.T.
only allows your child to eat cross contamination
levels of a food allergen. On the other hand, at
the end of TIP treatment, your child can eat any amount of your child’s allergen
without restriction. So if your child is allergic to peanuts, under O.I.T., they cannot eat
significant amounts of peanut. After TIP treatment, your
peanut-allergic child can now eat unrestricted
amounts of peanuts, including peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches. Despite different goals, the success rates and side effects of
O.I.T. are not optimal. Based on the AR101 peanut pill study, O.I.T.’s failure rates were at 33%, while TIP’s failure rates
remain lower than 1%. Side effects were
reported in more than 95% of patients during O.I.T. treatment. With TIP, it’s less than half a percent. So remember, TIP treats
all food allergies, no exclusions, period. We also continue to follow
your child after TIP treatment for a lifetime of allergy remission. Join the thousands of successful TIP treatment patients today. (upbeat music)

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