How to Administer Allergy Drops

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The La Crosse Method, which is what has
been developed in our clinic over the last 40 years, is a conservative dosing
protocol. When I’m explaining to patients how to take the drops, I often have a
sample bottle that I’ll show them. There’s a little locking device to keep
it from accidentally discharging the liquid. The top is a metered dose pump
with a very precise amount of extract that’s delivered. We ask that patients
hold it for about 20 to 30 seconds before they swallow, which coincidentally
seems to be the same length as the Happy Birthday song or the ABCs.
We think that frequency is a very important part of our La Crosse Treatment method. If possible, we like to separate the doses out three times a day. If a
person can’t do the middle dose of the day, we do allow them to do double the
dose at bedtime. The interesting thing is that although
the person does the same way of administering the drops throughout the
treatment, the concentration of the extracts is increased or escalated over
the course of treatment.

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