How to BRING MEDICAL NEEDLE ON PLANES when Traveling (Dupixent, EpiPen, Humira) | Ep.228

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Jeffrey Lin here back with another
chronic illness and rare disease tutorial. I’m gonna answer the question I
get a lot which is how do you bring your medical injection onto a plane so that
you can travel with it whether you need to use it on board or if you just need
to use it while you’re traveling abroad whatever. So the TSA which is America’s
Airport security for those living in other countries TSA is what we call our
security the TSA actually allows you to bring
your syringes injections in your check luggage they also let you bring it on
board with your carry-on luggage and that’s what we’re gonna talk about
because I don’t really think you should put your injections with your check
luggage it’s just I don’t like having to be separate from my medication I always
need it with me or lease I need a big chunk of it with me and then I’ll have
some of the backup in the check luggage but I want to have most of my medication
with me on board with the carry-on it because a lot of times luggages get lost
especially if you’re transferring at different airports and you know
sometimes they just get stolen so it is really hard to get injection medication
when you’re traveling especially for like my injection Dupixent (Dupilumab) it’s
probably only available in like four or five developed countries so a lot of
places I’ve been to it’s not available wait okay now from the beginning What’s up it’s Jeffrey Lin
For those of you who don’t know my story I was born with
multiple immune chronic illnesses and have been living with that every single
moment of my life it’s more like a rare disease mysterious disease that doctors
don’t fully know what it is or how to deal with it and we’ve just been
figuring it out as we go what they’ve identified is four like the top three or
five most severe eczema that research doctors have ever seen as well as the
most of your allergies and asthma I literally react to everything on the
planet there’s nothing that you can name on the planet any food anything in the
environment that not toxically allergic to so that means it’s just not having a
runny nose or watery eyes it’s like I’m coming into like a bioweapon or toxins
so the whole world is very dangerous to me for my eczema I have had full-body
eczema from head-to-toe literally everything on my body was leaking I
looked like a burn victim for part of the time I’ve had that wet leaky eczema
where it’s my whole body is infected and it’s just oozing goo and I’ve also had
dry eczema where the skin is just cracked and I look like a lizard the
whole skin feels like a rubber suit on you and not being able to move just
because every inch my body is cracked and bleeding and it and it hurts so I’ve
also had to deal with all the emotional issues that comes with that so on my
channel I’m just sharing my experiences and kind of figuring things out sort of
like life hacking because a lot of the things that I’ve had to deal with it’s
like it’s at doctor it’s literally just have
never seen it before and so this is a journey of how to deal with situations
that are unknown and life-threatening and it’s like in real time you’re just
figuring out problems so I’m here to share a lot of tips and tutorials and
strategies and even just like how mentally I deal with this if that sounds
interesting to you please hit the subscribe button and also hit the
notification button so you don’t miss any of the newer videos that are going
to come out the TSA actually makes it quite simple for you to bring
medications on board and the injections are no different so all you have to do
is before you get on the flight you do need your doctor’s note but you should
have a doctor’s note for every medication you bring with you and you
need the prescription which is basically you can just use the label that the
medications comes in or that’s on the box so I usually just bring like a cut
out of the box or the box itself and after that you should notify the airline
and call them up and tell them you’re bringing a syringe on board or injection
on board double-check with them make sure they have a place to store it if
your injection is like mine where it has to be kept cool like I usually need to
keep this in the fridge so just double check with the airline and make sure
they have a little tiny fridge for you on the plane where those the flight
attendant can store it for you on travel day if your medication needs to be cool
like mine all you have to do is bring one of these insulated lunch bags lunch
boxes and also some blue ice put this in there along with your medication and
that should be able to keep your medication cool from the time you leave
the house until you get on the plane when the flight attendant will put it
into their fridge on the plane and then the
ice pack should give you enough time when you get off the plane to make it to
your final destination your hotel and then you put your medication into the
hotel’s refrigerator there so on travel day once you get to the airline counter
we’re checking in just double-check with them at the bookings at the desk that
they know that you’re bringing a injection a syringe on board and that
they do have a place for you to store it and that they have it in their notes so
that the flight attendants and maybe even the captain will know that you’re
bringing this sharp object on board the TSA has never stopped me or checked my
bags when I’m scanning it in during the security check so they’re pretty lenient
on that and once you get on board just it’s it’s your responsibility to tell
the flight attendant just double-check with them again that they do know you’re
bringing something sharp on board and you should hand it over so that they
have it in storage whether if it’s in the refrigerator or just somewhere else
that’s safe and if you do need your injection onboard I guess for people
with diabetes that need their injections you’d let them know and you just ask
them for it when it’s time for your injection and the last point is don’t
forget to get your medication from the flight attendant when you’re getting off
the plane and that’s it it’s really that simple so again to recap get a doctor’s
note and have the medication label with you and call the airline and just let
them know you’re bringing injection a sharp object on board for medical
purposes and the travel day make sure you have a nice insulated lunch bag to
keep your medication cool with an ice pack and just double-check
with them at the counter check encounter that they do know that you’re bringing
medication on board an injection on board and when you get on the plane
give your medication to the flight attendant and just let them know any
details specific to your injection that they might need to know and finally when
you get to your destination when you land remember to get the injection back
from the flight attendant and that’s it have fun on your trip and best of luck
with you if you felt this tutorial was helpful or you’re interested in some of
other things I might talk about in the future remember to hit the subscribe
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3 thoughts on “How to BRING MEDICAL NEEDLE ON PLANES when Traveling (Dupixent, EpiPen, Humira) | Ep.228

  1. Awesome advice, thanks man. I was planning to go abroad for a few months and wasn't sure how I would be able to with these injections.

    How long do those ice packs last?
    How much dupixent do you travel with?

  2. Hey Jeffery what should I take or do. I have server dust mite allergies. I have recently bought a true hepa filter so I’ll see if it helps and I also started Zyrtec, I’m still congested. Any advice ?

  3. Hi, I recently found your channel and i'm giving you big props dude you are the reason why I go outside and don't care one bit of what people think of me. I have had eczema for so long and I had it since I was 14 and i'm 17 right now. I have eczema everywhere from face (which is worst) to feet. I have one question, what eczema is on my face? It is super red and dry after I bath and I feel so dry everywhere, not like as bad as 3 years ago but its just super red at random times I don't even know why. My skin is normally good when i'm calmed down but i'm just asking why my skin is so red when i'm in like school but when i'm at home its normal and my skin is just clear but just red a bit its just dumb I know trust me I don't understand. When I go outside and its super hot and it's red as well but more severe. Thanks and bless your soul 🙂

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