How to Build a Trampoline Sandwich I DD Squad Vlog 6

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They prepared for us, like, different
setups with containers. *rock music* We have plenty of new rigs today. I mean, we’ve got like three big trampolines. We never had, like, three of them
at the same time before. And we have these containers, so we can build, like, huge walls, and put trampolines wherever, however we want. And for us, this is the first time using this
kind of set. *rock music* Luckily, we have this, like, heavy
machinery here – a lift that can lift, I think, 20 tons. A big elevator that can lift all these containers. And the guys are treating us well. Yeah. *honking* Usually, our sketches look like this *pages rustling* Bam, bam, bam, five minutes, and the containers are in the position that we need. *rock music* Actually, we came up with the idea for
sandwich trampoline two days before – before shooting. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I-I, yeah, I remember that, you
said like: ‘Let’s put it underneath the container.’ Like, yeah, yeah right. And after that we put it on the truck. Yeah *chuckles* At first, the idea was just static – Static, yeah. Static, and then the truck came in the game. *rock music* So, we have our youngsters. We invited him for DD Squad. I’m very excited! Let’s go We have to put the trampoline upside down, strap it on the container. You wanna climb? Aaagh. *rock music* Grease is everywhere, that’s why I’m topless – not because of b-roll. *slow music* You know what doesn’t look healthy? I burned my finger, and it’s like a wound and there’s like, grease on it. I wouldn’t mind the dirt, but we have new merch! Those are my babies. Here’s one trampoline, the other one on a truck, and we’re gonna fix the positions. We just need to figure out the way that the crane guide and the truck guy are going to work together. And that one of them’s not gonna f**k up and go too slow or too fast. Because in that case one of us is gonna fall down. It’s gonna be awesome! It’s gonna be awesome! Yeah! Maybe we should try just with one – with solos, that we see how constant, like, the truck and the – Yeah, yeah! First, first – They are, because in doubles, the, like, mistakes, uh – Uh, yeah, they compound. *machine sounds* *music* *crash sound* This is not from today, but last week we had like a show, and I was jumping off the Russian swing doing a quadruple front flip, and I hit my head with my knee. Bam! *music* And got nine stitches in one hour, came back from the hospital and did a second show. *music* So what’s the idea behind this setup? You can’t fall off the trampoline because it’s closed by a wall on every side. *pencil sounds* And you can jump from one wall to another. *rock music* So you saw this shot – *rock music* and it looks kind of like a fake
transition, doesn’t it? Well, this is how we filmed it. *rock music* We’ll try to fit as many people into this setup as possible. Because it looks – it looks really awesome. I just wanna see, just plenty of people jumping around, not hitting each other *laughs* *rock music* Some things are dangerous, so we are super careful, and we’re moving slowly, preparing for every stunt like step by
step, so nothing can go wrong. So we’re gonna jump from the huge crane
that we have here. It’s like a jump from 15 meters from a crane. And I think it’s gonna be pretty sketchy, because we don’t have a really big air bag. We need to be extra careful in that part. It’s possible to overshoot it. *in Slovenian* 3… 2… 1… Peter, he almost *chuckles* overshot the airbag, which we said to him: ‘Okay, jump just down, not forward.’ Just a little pop, and he almost went – Over the air bag. Out of the air bag. *music* For me, it was really weird – jumping on the trampoline sandwich, because – you know, it was a whole container above, and trampoline, like, three tons – I just – of material. If something would go wrong – hoping the straps are strong enough – *claps* we’d really become a sandwich – salami in a sandwich *chuckles* *music*

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    Really, this channel deserves more. Keep it up, boys!

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