How to Care for a New Tattoo : How to Avoid Allergic Reactions to New Tattoos

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Hi my name is Sean Beck at Mom’s Tattoos in
Wilmington, NC. on behalf of Expert Village here to tell you a little bit of tattoo after
care. Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about allergic reactions. You are going to
have a lot of different materials on your skin and you can have a allergic reaction.
The ointment people sometimes have a allergic reaction to them. You often see this when
little red bumps would break out all over the tattoo. If you do have this type of reaction
talk to your artist first what we usually recommend is to stop using the ointment and
just keep your tattoo clean and just stop using anything let the tattoo dry out. That
is when the care of your skin becomes more important then a tattoo. We would fix the
tattoo afterwards we just want to get you healthy. Sometimes people have allergic reaction
to the tapes that we use. We use a transport which is kind of a plastic tape, a lot of
times people have bad allergic reaction to that. Basically if you do have a bad reaction
to the tape and you are going to do the seram wrap at night just switch to a cloth tape
of something like that. A lot of times people have a allergic reaction to the ink itself.
Most people have allergic reaction to the color red that is why we often call it red
reaction this is could be a simple as being very itchy and hard to heal to extreme pluckiness
and raising. Unfortunately there is no way to know if you are allergic to red it’s one
in so many people have it and there is not much you can do about it. Your body will filter
it out it takes a good long time to do this but it is just a normal reaction. I had people
have reaction to different colors like purple, but red seems to be the most common of them.
If you do have a allergic reaction to your tattoo do not freak out, talk to your artist
they would tell you have to take care of it and you will be fine.

14 thoughts on “How to Care for a New Tattoo : How to Avoid Allergic Reactions to New Tattoos

  1. I have had my tattoo's for 10 years & over & I am also still allergic to them, they swell up, the whole tattoo, red, blue, black, it all gets puffy after so many years.
    No one talks about that, huh.
    You aren't supposed to put anything on a new tattoo, just wash it a few times a day,& if you have to , just a drop of lubriderm.

  2. hi i had a tat don on my arm about two weeks now but little bumps hav appeared today d color is dark blue alone an it flaked alittle be4 now i'm freaking out & it does not pain! should i keep it clean and leave it bare!!! kk from trinidad & tobago

  3. what do you do if your allergic to certain metals? is there different kinds of metal neddles? because i cant wear necklaces and certain piercings… like if i go to iguana body jewelry for my piercings the metal infects my ear cause of allergies but if i buy my piercings at hot topic or spencers stores like those that is a different metal and im not allergic to those so any info or ideas would be greatly appreciated

  4. I just got a tattoo for the first time last night. I dont have any bumps or redness at the tattoo site. However I have bumps that are red and itchy all over my body. the tattoo is the only thing that is new. Suggestions? Is this caused by the ink going into my blood stream? Google is less than helpful.

  5. I got my tattoo last week and I used Aquaphor. Now when I get off work there's a lot of bushes around and my work shirt is short sleeved. I also slept with the covers off my tattoo whilst the ointment was on. About oh 3-4 days ago these bumps popped up. They itch like hell!!! Now my tattoo itself doesn't have bumps on it but the bumps are around the upper half and they look like tiny little pustules. I showed my mom who says i got attacked by a spider, and I found a spider in bed. Coincidence

  6. I got a tattoo on my forearm, black and red ink. It's itchy and the tattoo on parts are raised slightly like bumps but there not little red ones.

  7. I've been investigating removing tattoos naturally and found an awesome resource at Chads Tattoo Tactic (google it if you're interested)

  8. Thanks for the info.. sime very samll pimples come out . And that has never happened before.. what do you recommend

  9. I had my full-dotwork tattoo from 5 days .. and before yesterday very little red and SUPER ITCHY bumps appeared .. i told my artist and he said " keep on vaseline " .. what you think?

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