How To – Connect A DeVilbiss SleepCube CPAP To A Battery

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Here we show you how to power your Devilbiss
Sleepcube CPAP machine with a lithium battery. It is essential that a power inverter is used.
This converts the low voltage DC power into mains voltage AC power. Without this you may cause irreparable damage
to your CPAP machine. In this video we are using a Belkin AC Anywhere
Power Inverter. First, plug the normal figure of eight power
cord into the rear of the Sleepcube and the 3 pin plug into the mains socket on the power
inverter. Now, with the ‘male’ cigar lighter end
of the Power Inverter, plug this into ‘female’ cigar lighter cable supplied with the battery. Next, push the bullet plug into the Nominal
12V Output socket on the battery. It’s a tight fit, so push firmly. Finally, locate the red switch on the Power
Inverter and flick this to on. You should now see a blue light appear at
the rear of the Inverter and the CPAP should power on. If you are interested in renting or buying
a battery for your CPAP, check the links in the description below for further information.

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