How to Control Asthma Attacks

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How to Control Asthma Attacks. Limit asthma attacks by learning how to anticipate
and prevent them. You will need A medical doctor Knowledge of
symptoms, warning signs, and triggers Preventive measures and a peak-flow monitor. Step 1. Recognize asthma symptoms, which include wheezing,
breathing problems that become worse after physical activity, coughing fits, especially
at night or when lying down, and colds that last more than ten days. A family history of asthma increases your
chances of having the disease. Step 2. If you suspect you have asthma, have a medical
doctor evaluate your condition. You may benefit from daily medication to prevent
attacks. You may also need to carry a quick-reliever,
like an inhaler, in case an attack occurs. Contrary to what some people think, cough
medicine doesn’t relieve asthma symptoms. Step 3. Learn to recognize the warning signs of an
attack so you can treat it before it becomes severe. Common symptoms include chest tightness, coughing,
spitting up phlegm, wheezing, and a whistling noise when you breathe. An asthma attack causes airways to swell and
become inflamed and the muscles around the airways to contract, causing your breathing
tubes to narrow. Step 4. Try to avoid or limit your exposure to things
that spark attacks. Common triggers include pollen, mold, dust,
animals, tobacco smoke, smog, strenuous exercise, certain cleaning products, perfume, cold air,
and aspirin and other pain relievers. To reduce contact with dust mites, use mattress
and pillow covers, don’t use down bedding, and don’t sleep with stuffed animals on your
bed. Step 5. Get a peak-flow meter, a device that measures
airflow from the lungs. Blow into the meter when you’re not having
an attack to determine your “personal best” reading. You can compare the number against future
measurements, helping to confirm when an attack may be imminent and determine if your medicine
is working. Step 6. Go to the emergency room if you can’t speak
more than short phrases, are straining to breathe, or if your peak-flow reading is less
than 50 percent of your personal best. Did you know About 20 percent of summer Olympics
athletes have asthma, according to research.

48 thoughts on “How to Control Asthma Attacks

  1. You've gotta start showing your lungs who's boss, slap those bastards around a little and they'll show some respect.

  2. I'm thinking it's more people who don't know they have asthma or think that it's all gone. If they ignore the fact that their coughing is related to asthma, they'd think that the cough medicine would fix it.

    That's only a guess, though.

  3. also pick up swimming if u have asthma… i have it and when i stopped swimming i started to develop it… my brother had asthma when he was little started swimming (we were comp swimmers) and it was gone now he has stopped again he is getting asthma symptoms back.. the clorine helps
    and ALWAYS carry ur reliever if u have asthma for a longer period of time… thats when u could develop an attack… speak from experience here when i had an asthma attack when i was at my dance class

  4. I take singulair every night. It definately works for me. Ask your doctor about it if you are in need of an asthma prevention.

  5. Musickid103: I take it every night and i have not had any of those side affects. However it is different for other people. That is why I said ask your doctor about it, not just go use it. Thanks for telling people those though.

  6. I agree with all the tips apart from driving. You are potentially putting your self at risk as well as others, especially when you're under pressure from an asthma attack, and then you have the traffic…

    Instead try dialing for an ambulance.

    Also remember that asthmatics shouldn't take beta-blocking medications =)

  7. this is gay. All you have to do to prevent an asthma attack is to not have asthma in the firsy place, or just drink some pepto-bismol

  8. I think my asthma is straight. It always starts acting up and getting excited when I'm trying to impress a girl at a party or even when I'm about to score.

  9. I was Ill cause of this asthma crap all caused by motherfucking people who fucking smoke
    If you smoke QUIT NOW cause you are
    Polluting the planet
    Killing yourself
    Making people ill and harming pregnant women
    Making people have frigging asthma attacks
    And you are fucking yourself

  10. Here is a little tip to all the asthmatics who want to rid of asthma COMPLETELY. First off and most important, DO NOT follow any of the instructions of the video above (especially peak flow meter and bronchodilator medications), they are designed by the pharmaceutical companies that keep the real cure to Asthma in the shadow, for financial reasons obviously. Search up a program called the "buteyko method", and watch your asthma dissapear. Like this comment for others to read!!

  11. I have finally manage to minimize asma by eliminating certain foods: Milk, Alcool, Smoking, Processed foods, Bread, Dairy in general… And replace with living foods, organic, raw and fresh fruits. Next step is: Yoga, Meditation, etc..

  12. How do doctors and drug companies explain how some people 'grow out of asthma', and others "grow into asthma"? How come things like mites, dust, etc don't cause you asthma when you grow out of it? How come the triggers didn't give you asthma before if you have "late onset" asthma?

    How come some people get less asthma when they move to a different climate, and others get more asthma when they move to that same climate?

    How come asthmatics do "that breathing" during an attack?

  13. Asthma has left me for a couple of years now. I used to have a breathing machine given to me by doctors. I'm used to taste the water that came through the pipe where I was supposed to breath through. Now, I'm watching this video on what happened to me when I was like, 7. This is for my 3rd Period Science Class for homework choices.

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  15. lol i got asthma and it's this thing with nerd LOL <-< U DO HAVE TO BE A NERD TO HAVE ASTHMA LOLOLOL XD im boss not fukin nerd

  16. Idk know why ppl are puttin "lol I'm having an asthma attack right now omg lol!" like seriously is it funny that it having an asthma attack becuz right know I'm wheezing I have shortness of breathe and I can't even say one complete sentence! Honestly this is not funny I have no medication on me I'm in a room that has cats and dust. So seriously I hate having asthma its like breathing through a straw!!!!

  17. Fucking dumb ass ppl on here get a fucking life grow up!! It ain't nothing funny about having it so stfu

  18. I have had asma since I was 8 days old which is supposed to not be the case they say then can diagnose you when your 2 but anything before that they can't be sure because it can be other breathing problems but I was diagnosed at 8 days

  19. With Christmas being the season of goodwill, please dig deep to support the great work Asthma UK do and sponsor me in the London Marathon

  20. I have spent months studying top cure for asthma and found an awesome resource at Laken chest remedy (google it if you are interested)

  21. A natural cure for asthma is by pressing lips together during normal nose breathing keeping lung airways open by reflex. Google for gv26.important. Be cautious about spray addiction. Lip pressure is also important for kissing and this is no coincidence.

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