How To Cook For Allergic Friends || Allergy Awareness Week [CC]

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[Elliot purrs] Hi. [Max giggles] What are
you doing? [More giggles] Today, we are gonna learn how to cook for your allergic friends.
I’m gonna clean my lens. Hey, that rhymes! [Upbeat intro music] Hello! This is another
instalment to Allergy Awareness Week, and it’s how to cook for your allergic friends.
Step number 1! Is to wash your pans and your utensils, and anything that is going to be
used to cook or serve the food. Anything that’s gonna be touching the food should be free
from allergens, so that includes every step during the preparation, um the actual cooking
itself, and the serving. So bowls and cutlery etcetera. Um, I prefer to do this by hand
just so I can visually go and scrub all of the things out of it, some dishwashers are
capable of that, mine is not. You may have also noticed that this is not my kitchen,
I am cat sitting, and I have permission to film this in here, and Elliot wherever he
has gone may or may not help. This level of prep might not be necessary for everybody,
but I know for me it is. Uh, especially with the rice allergy, so sometimes I’ll go into
my cupboard, and I’ll pull out a pan, and there will be grains of rice still stuck to
it. I just prefer to be safe rather than sorry, ask your friend if this is necessary. This
is a- an advice video, just for some ideas, of how to eliminate the risk. Will you stop
scratching? [Kissy noises] Come here. This is Elliot by the way! He is made of soft and
bounce. and he is spooked by everything. See? [More kissy noises] You are so cute and I
love you. Do you want a treat? [Cat pouncing noises] Boom. Gone. Step number 2! When deciding
what to cook, ask your friend what they can eat as well as what they can’t eat. As well
as asking your friend what they can’t eat and what they absolutely mustn’t eat, it is
also important to ask what they can eat because focusing on the negative gets rather depressing.
Ask your friend what sort of things they can eat, um, this also helps you to figure out
what the hell to cook us. If someone asks me what I can eat, usually my go to answer
is pasta and sauce, stir fry, anything without rice in it, a good curry is nice but just
don’t put chilli in it, that’s like ideas for meals. It reduces the guesswork of the
chef, as well as the panic from the allergic person from the “oh my god, what am I even
gonna eat, I’m worried, am I gonna be able to eat it?” and it also helps if you are like
me and you have Fibromyalgia, and/or brain fog, and you forget things. The amount of
times I forget allergies, they’re usually like the mild ones. Happens all the time with
me and ginger. I always forget the ginger. Can you see an Elliot there? He’s just- he’s
just there. There he is! My next tip, is to check the ingredients of everything. You wanna
check the ingredients of every single thing. So here is- here is my noodles. Let’s pretend
it’s something fancy. So the ingredients… Do you see rice in there anywhere? No! It’s
so easy for one little pest to sneak into your cooking, especially if the allergen isn’t
one of the top 14 I talked about in my first [Allergy awareness] video that are bolded.
It’s not always feasible, but the more of the food made from scratch, the easier it
is to avoid the allergens. So when I’m making a curry, a rare occasion with my spoon count,
a jar of sauce often has a rice ingredient in it, like rice flour in it as a cheap thickener,
but making from scratch including the spice blend won’t have any of my allergens in it.
That’s all wonderful, but I’m too tired for that, so let’s just check these ingredients.
Nope, there’s no rice in this anywhere, nothing else that I’m allergic to… There is a helpful
boy. You’re gonna have to be a good boy, OK? Number 4 is to hide the allergens out of sight.
So, when i’m cooking, I don’t wanna have chilli powder and ginger in my spice rack, because
it is so easy to pick up the wrong one. So just hide them out of sight just to be safe,
because if you dump a load of ginger in, that’s game over. Let’s for example say two types
of stock cubes, I’m allergic to one and not the other, you don’t wanna have them both
next to each other, because that wouldn’t make that much sense, and the chances of me
picking up the one that’s gonna kill me, quite high. [Sing song] Mix that in together, pet
the cat..! [Normal voice] Brain fog just is a mess. Lastly, don’t cross contaminate. If
you’ve followed the first 4 points, this one shouldn’t be so much of an issue, but if you’re
cooking for multiple people or there’s multiple pans, or multiple dishes, or it’s like a banquet
type thing, just make sure that everything has its own spoon, and everything will be
fine. All the utensils used to prepare it and chop it, that needs to be washed in between
as well. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it to not kill your friends. If you keep things
separated, and just be mindful, then everything will be OK, and everybody will enjoy their
food. [Packet rustling and popping] Ah! [Spoon thuds in the pan] I am a terrible cook. Godsake.
Everything here has been cleaned, we checked the ingredients together, I have nothing around
me that I am gonna accidentally grab and throw in, Also it’s instant noodles so I don’t need
to do that anyway, and it’s quite hard to cross contaminate with one pan. [Kiss noises,
Max’s medic alert bracelet rattling] Hi! He’s purring! I can feel it on his little tum!
I was hoping that I would at least finish cooking the noodles by the time that this
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