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Hi, I’m Gemma. Pet allergies.
Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also put a stop to you getting a pet and
result in some people giving up their pet. But it’s important that you remember
that everyone is different and it’s likely you can find the right pet for
you even if you suffer from allergies. Here are some top tips for keeping your
allergies under control. Tip one, vacuum regularly. As common pet allergies include sensitivity to pet hair, skin saliva or even sweat, you can help reduce
your allergies by vacuuming at least twice a week and keeping pets out of the
bedrooms. Tip two, ventilation. Good ventilation is important, so opening the
windows for at least one hour a day will help get fresh air into the home and
reduce the amount of skin in the air. Tip three, groom your pet daily. Keep your pet well-groomed to minimize the amount of fur they shed around the home. Grooming
them outside your home is best. Tip four, wash bedding weekly. Reduce the build-up of fur and skin by washing your pet’s bedding weekly. And, finally, tip number 5.
Replace carpet with hard flooring. Fur and skin can get caught in carpets so we recommend replacing the carpet with hard flooring, curtains with blinds, and covering soft furnishing with allergen proof covers. This will ease the cleaning
process and minimise the places allergens can hide. Many people assume
they’re allergic to pets but haven’t been checked over by a doctor to find
out if this is definitely the case. If you’re thinking of getting a new pet,
make sure everyone in your household spends lots of time with a particular
animal or breed before you take them on, to check whether anyone has a
reaction. More information on pet allergies can be found on our website
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