How to Cure Allergic Rhinitis-Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies

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8 thoughts on “How to Cure Allergic Rhinitis-Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies

  1. Has anyone tried this, who can vouch for this ?
    I'm not sure if this is someone trying to promote the industry of sword beans or if this actually works!

  2. I have a sneeze attack when I wake up, running nose,Watery Eyes,..Nasal Spray and Anti allergy medcine gives a temporary relief only…How many times during the day I need to take and how much time will it get cured?

  3. Hi !
    I have recently learned that I have the allergic rhinitis. Does it really help ?
    Or you are just trying to promote your product?

  4. I can get fresh green sword beans from vegetable market as they are esily available in India. Can i eat it as salad or as a vegetable to cure allergic rhinitis or do I need to take dried bean seeds only?

  5. Sir my age is 23 and iam suffering with allergic rhinitis from the last 15 years and my symptoms are very severe that I hardly concentrate on my work..and I tried almost all medicines but no one worked…sir can I really try this???can u write me about how to use these sword beans???

  6. AJ Club: what are the products processed with bean flour? Can you please provide some specific names and we can search online. Thank you Sir.

  7. 비염으로 고생이 심하고 지금도 자려고 누웠는데 코가 막혀 고생중입니다.
    작두콩이 비염에 효과있는지 몰랐네요.
    당장 주문해야겠어요.
    혹시 AJ님이 드시고 효과본상품이나 싸이트 댓글로 알려주시면 광고로 간주될까요?
    비염에 접촉성 피부간지럼증으로 코도 막히고 팔다리, 몸도 지금 벅벅 긁고 있는중이네요

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