How to Cure Allergies and Hives (tapping)

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Hi, I’m Anna, from welcome back! Thanks so much for joining me today. So today’s tapping video is about how to deal
with and ease seasonal allergies and hives. Stay tuned for that! So you’re experiencing allergies and hives. You’ve come to the right place. I sometimes suffer from seasonal allergies. I usually back-track to see if it’s something in my
environment or to see if it’s something that I’ve been eating. Often times it’s
something that I’ve been thinking! Because most every…most every
thing that we have, any kind of illness or chronic symptom of some kind comes
from an emotional aspect (from your emotions). So with allergies typically…if you’re having
trouble with allergies it’s because you’re not honoring your self and one way or
another. (Tapping) We’re gonna start on the caller-bone area, you can just lightly pat
yourself here. Now take a deep breath. I’ll say some words you just follow
along with me… Take a deep breath, “Even though I’m
suffering from allergies and I’m really frustrated with all of it. I choose to love
and accept myself. Even though I am suffering from hives and allergies…seasonal allergies My nose is running and I’m sneezing
and coughing. I’m just frustrated and tired. I choose to honor how I feel. Even though secretly I do not honor these reactions
in my body. It makes me angry and it makes me discouraged…it makes me feel
like Gosh, what am i doing wrong? I choose to love and forgive myself as much as I can…and when I’m ready forgive those involved in this as well. Eyebrow point: All this itchiness, this uncomfortable feeling. I just feel itchy and sneezy. There is snot everywhere! It’s really gross! I’m tired from all the sneezing and
watery eyes. I feel like my nose is going to explode! It is a
really uncomfortable. And underneath my frustration is a sense of sadness. I am sad about all of this. I want to be
healthy, I wanna feel good. I wanna wake up in the morning with a clear head. With a clear nose…and a clear mind. When I’m like this I don’t feel clear. I feel miserable…and say how you feel if it’s not miserable say the one that fits… Frustrated, or if you feel like crying or like sneezing just say
it. I feel… I accept my feelings. Even though a part of me secretly doesn’t. I choose to be
open to accepting my feelings…and I forgive that part of me that is just
terrified. that part of me that’s scared of being who I am. Is the world ready for that. Am I ready for that? A part of me say “no I’m not ready” and a little tiny voice inside says “Yes, I am ready.” No. Yes. What if I don’t have to be afraid anymore? I choose to be open to letting go of my fear. It can be all of it, it can be a little bit
of could be a medium-sized amount. Or it can be none of my fear. I’ll do what I
can when I’m ready to do it. I am opening up to letting as much of it as I
can because it’s safe. I am safe. I choose to love myself I choose to
forgive myself for being afraid for being angry…I forgive myself
for being allergic. I am making a lot of changes. I’m growling and letting go my fear. I’m letting it go, letting it flow, because I
don’t need it anymore. I’m gonna be ok Tap the side of the hand… I’m opening up to letting in love and healing and light. I choose to be
more confident and believe in myself. It’s safe for me to love me, it’s okay for me to stand on my own power. I connect with love and safety and confidence on every
level. Body, mind, and spirit. Amazing job! like this video and share it with your
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7 thoughts on “How to Cure Allergies and Hives (tapping)

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