How to Deal with Peanut Allergies

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How to Deal with Peanut Allergies. As unusual as it may sound, peanuts cause
80 percent of fatal and near-fatal allergy attacks. Protect yourself with some precautionary steps. You will need A medical ID bracelet Some over-the-counter
antihistamine and an epinephrine autoinjector. Consult your physician to see if your allergies
qualify you to receive a prescription for an epinephrine autoinjector or other medications. Step 1. Avoid direct contact with peanuts or anyone
who has recently handled peanuts. Step 2. Pay attention to ingredient labels and stay
away from products that contain peanuts — even peanut oil — or that may have been processed
by machines or people who handled peanuts. Be careful with alternative snacks: sunflower
seeds and chocolate candies are often processed in the same factories as peanuts. Step 3. Let your friends and family know about your
allergy so they don’t break out the nut bowls when you visit. Step 4. Avoid restaurants that may cook with peanut
oil—such as Thai and Chinese—as merely inhaling the smell of nuts could set
off an allergic reaction. Step 5. Purchase and wear a medical ID bracelet that
explains you have a peanut allergy so medical personnel know what to do in case of an emergency. Step 6. Carry an over-the-counter antihistamine with
you in case you start to have an allergic reaction. Step 7. If you know you’re at risk for a severe
reaction, like shortness of breath or losing consciousness, have a doctor authorize you
to carry an injectable dose of epinephrine (a shot of adrenaline) with you at all times. Did you know About 1 percent of Americans
have a peanut allergy.

26 thoughts on “How to Deal with Peanut Allergies

  1. Oh god I don't ever want to use my epi-pen.
    It looks so scary, whyyyyy.
    But peanuts really are dangerous >:(
    Being around them is scary shizz :C.

  2. I've had to deal with my peanut allergy all my life. For many years I thought I was alone in my struggle to get along in everyday life. Now of course I know that millions of Americans suffer the same way. I carry around my needle everyday, just to be safe..But lately it serves as a dark reminder of my condition. Someday I hope to help other people with this allergy by starting a company that makes treats/foods for people with this allergy.

  3. I had a slight allergic reaction tp peanuts today. It was so weird because I have never had problems with them before. It wasn't a REALLY bad reaction, my throat just closed up a little bit.

    I'm VERY allergic to cashews though (I'm talking deadly allergic), and I was told that in the future I could possibly develop a peanut allergy as well. I should probably try to avoid them from now on.

  4. Peanut oil is a SECRET INGREDIENT in vaccines. Search the internet for "patent peanut vaccine adjuvant". How can you avoid peanuts if the oil is used as a diluent in vaccines and your pharmacist and doctor don't even know this.

  5. My PA is deadly, intense…they put PEANUT BUTTER in egg rolls- I found out the hard way many years ago- it almost killed me…W

  6. I haz one >.< Like deadly. I was hospitalized for a day or two when I was only 2 D:
    Smelling makes me get a swollen eye <— WTH?
    Eating will like trigger the reaction.

  7. my brother is highly allergic to peanuts, so bad even the simplest touch from another little boys hand who had it on him can make him get hives. i get so scared , & idk what my moms gonna do when he goes to school & is around other kids who bring lunchs with peanut&jelly sandwhiches. :C

  8. is weak allergy to peanuts dangerous?
    is allergy even dangerous if it does not bother you?
    if you only get red or cosmetic ?

  9. I have one but its not too severe if i swallows the peanut then it makes my throat swell up eventually choking me, but i have an epinephrine pen so its cool. Lately i had a panic attack about if i ate some and it was terrible, i don't know what having a reaction is like but the thought of having one to me at my age scares me enough to make my asthma act up and make me think i may be having another reaction, I never had another twix. 🙁

  10. I never used to react more than throwing up or a little nausea… Suddenly my bf eats PB and kisses me a few hours later… Guess who was in the ER?

  11. By the way, for anyone wondering, the epipen doesn't hurt at all and is fairly dull in the end, don't be scared of it… All the best to my fellow sufferers

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