How to deliver and MDI

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Good afternoon. Today we are going to talk
about how to deliver a metered dose inhaler treatment. The objective of this presentation is to teach
the proper technique for delivering medication via metered dose inhaler as you can see from this picture there many
different types of metered dose inhalers that are available on the market there are also many different chambers that
are available to be used with each of those metered dose inhalers the first that we will demonstrate is how
to deliver a metered dose inhaler to an infant. the first step is to shake the metered dose
inhaler vigorously as per the manufacturers recommendations. if it has not been used in
the last 24 hours or it is new you will need to prime the MDI by actuating it into the
air. Then go ahead and select the proper patient interface. Go ahead and pick up the baby and apply the
mask to baby’s face. you actuate the MDI by pressing on the top of the canister. Allow
the baby to take several breaths before removing the mask from baby’s face. Let’s go over this one more time. Make sure
the MDI is at room temperature. Go ahead and shake it vigorously. Prime if necessary. Use
a chamber with a mask. Deliver the puff and then wait for several breaths before removing
the mask. In the second half of this video, we will
discuss how to deliver a metered dose inhaler to an adult. Go ahead and remove the cap from the metered
dose inhaler. Shake vigorously and then prime if necessary if it hasn’t been used in 24
hours or its new. Go ahead and choose your patient’s interface. Because this is an adult,
we’ll use one that has just a mouthpiece. Have the patient exhale, then place their
mouth on the mouthpiece, and take a slow deep breath in after you have actuated a puff.
Have the patient hold their breath for 5 seconds and then they can go head and exhale. The patient should wait at least one minute
in between actuations. If you hear a whistle, then you know that you have taken a breath
in too quickly, and have the patient slow down the inhalation.
After the correct dose has been delivered, go ahead and disassemble the aero chamber
from the metered dose inhaler. Let’s review metered dose inhaler delivery
to an adult. Have the MDI be at room temperature. Shake vigorously. Prime if necessary. Use
a chamber. Deliver the puffs. Hold your breath or a minimum of 5 seconds. Wait one minute
in between puffs. And if there is a whistle, make sure you slow down your inhalation. Thank you so much for listening.

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