How to demonstrate Breezhaler inhaler technique to your patients

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This is the Ultibro Breezhaler.
First remove the lid, tilt back the mouthpiece, you are ready to place the capsule inside
the chamber. To remove a blister don’t push it through
the foil but peel the foil back. Remove the capsule with dry hands and place it in the barrel. Close until you hear a click and then you
are ready to puncture and the device is now active and ready to use.
Hold the inhaler on the top and bottom ensuring you do not pierce the capsule again.
Make sure you breathe out fully and don’t blow into the mouthpiece. Place the inhaler in
your mouth, breathe rapidly but steadily and deeply as you can.
You can hear the whirring sound of the capsule as it is spinning round in the chamber.
Now hold your breath for five to 10 seconds. once this time has passed you can breathe out
and we are going to check that all the contents have been inhaled from the capsule.
So Leanne what are some of the problems faced with patients using the Ultibro Breezhaler?
Ok, so once you have used the inhaler it is important to check that it has all been used.
So open up the chamber, check that the capsule contents have been inhaled. If there is still
some remaining, simply close the inhaler and re-inhale the device.
Make sure that you don’t re-press the sides to pierce the capsule, it’s important just to
inhale it again. When using it there is a whirring noise. How
important is it that that happens? Ok, so if the whirring sound doesn’t happen,
it could mean the capsule has been stuck inside so simply tap on the bottom and that should
loosen it. Don’t depress the sides again and re-pierce
the capsule. So, the device itself is quite small compared
to other inhalers. Is there any problem with dexterity and handling the product?
So, I find this quite a tricky product to use in terms of peeling back the foil – which
is quite strong – and then actually depressing the sides if someone has dexterity issues.
So it is important we check patient technique before they leave.

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