How to Diagnose Allergies

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Doctor how is it to that you diagnosed
that someone even has these allergies I think a lot of people maybe once
in a while they are sneezing having some of those other symptoms that you talked
about but how do you actually diagnose when someone has allergies so allergies
are really clinically suspected so a lot of times based on the history and the
physical you’ll kind of get the sense you know this repetitive trend to see
these symptoms and not be related to a fever or an actual cold or
anything a lot of times people say I feel okay I just keep getting these
recurrent symptoms so that’ll be kind of a hint and then you don’t necessarily
have to do a lot of testing a lot of times we’ll just treat somebody with
medications that are appropriate for allergies but sometimes it is a good
idea in certain situations and depending upon how severe the symptoms are to
actually get more testing done just a personal note there I
did suffer from a lot of allergies younger and they did those tests that
you’ve mentioned so talk a little bit about those tests I had those sticks if
you will to my arm to see kind of what I reacted to unfortunately my arm was one
big balloon by the time they were done but how why are those tests necessary and how how do they help you diagnose what’s going on sometimes those
are a good ancillary thing especially if someone’s having like I said more
frequent severe symptoms so you can do skin testing or you can do also blood
testing and both of them will help to identify maybe more specific triggers
for the allergies so for some people like I said it could be environmental
for other people it could be anything as simple as medications it could be pet
dander or even finding out if they’re related if they’re very severely
allergic to bee stings and other things like that so in some situations it can
really be helpful to help determine how severe the symptoms could be and what
kind of treatment will be necessary

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