How to Give a Foot Massage : Foot Massage for Lung Problems

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So now we are going to focus on the lungs.
This is the shoulders, this is the head, and this is the spine. The lungs are right in
here. Now they have what they call Gitsu, if it is really really tight and not tight,
like there are some areas that are tight and some are soft and this area is tight so most
likely somebody has problems with their lung elements but I’m just saying it is the lung
element. That is a whole different section, but anything that is attributed to the lungs,
attributed to the element, the meridian is usually in this area. What you what to kind
of do is use your thumb and worm it, you don’t want to press too much you just want to work
it out, go up to the side and go down to the side. Move it into nice little circular motions
and move everything out of that area.

12 thoughts on “How to Give a Foot Massage : Foot Massage for Lung Problems

  1. @millennialgirl he even says that
    "lung ELEMENT, its not really the lungs"
    its also a theory and a practice
    just like normal massage

  2. @millennialgirl oh no, dont get angry with me on the internet, im so fucking scared, please dont put a frowny face 🙁
    get over yourself

  3. @millennialgirl hahaha your terrible at arguing and even worse with come backs, and taking the piss out of disabled people? your the lowest of low lives, get a life yeah? (:

  4. @vincent8er i hate any one taking the piss from disabled people, she should hang herself and let the world be, what makes it worse that she cannot spell and her come backs are worse than a three year olds, reflexology is a theory and a practice, if she dont like it, what the fuck is she doing watching a reflexology video? common sense people

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