How to give medication safely

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Giving your child their medicine properly — the right drug, the right dose, taken the
proper way — is important. Not only will it determine how effective the
medicine is, but if taken incorrectly, medicine can be
dangerous. Before you give your child anything read the
label carefully. Some medicines are designed to be given at a specific time of day; others only when your child has symptoms. Some have to be taken with food; others are to be taken on an empty stomach. Read the dosing instructions on the bottle
carefully, so you give your child the right amount. With liquid medicine, use the syringe or measuring spoon the pharmacy
gave you. Fill to the line, looking straight at the
barrel, not on an angle. Tap to get rid of any air bubbles. There are important safety tips to follow
with all medicines. Some medicines contain several different drugs. If you combine medications, you can end up giving your child more of a
certain drug than they should have. Always read the label and find out what drugs
you are giving and how much of each one. If you’re not sure of the amounts or combinations, ask the doctor or pharmacist. You should also ask them what to do if you
miss a dose. If you need instructions in your preferred
language, tell the pharmacist. Keep a list of all the medications your child
is taking, including vitamins, non-prescription drugs
and herbal medicines. It’s a good idea to get all medications from
the same pharmacy.

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