12 thoughts on “How to Handle a Cold | Infant Care

  1. The best way to handle cold is use of Cold Be Gone tea.I use it for all my family,it naturally boosts immune system to help fight off common cold.

  2. Cold causes baby to cry and feel uncomfortable.I used Cold Be Gone tea for my baby having coldness issue.It helped my baby to fight cold in quick time.

  3. Bad sleep advice. Never let a baby sleep in a car seat, bouncy seat, swing, don't elevate the crib. That is not what the AAP says. Please stop spreading unsafe sleep advice.

  4. "babies magic tea" is a great source of relief from common colds and cough in babies. it works really fine to soothe instantly.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful video. It is highly informative and helpful. Found one more video with more tips to take care of babies when they are sick https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtKrpSPklixi0k2AtIaNws-K1Qq2yiSjm.
    Hope this helps!

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