How to Handle a Peanut Allergy – Informational Video on Peanut Allergies for Children

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Thanks for coming over today, are you guys hungry? I could go for some lunch. Yeah, me, too Okay, great. My mom made us some sandwiches. I will go get them ready. Wow these are really good sandwiches Thanks, my mom makes a special sauce for them. That’s why they taste so good Guys my throat feels funny Maybe you should drink some water. I will get you some water. Here is your water. Are you feeling better yet? No. It is getting worse! And I’m having trouble breathing. Were there peanuts in the sauce? Yes there were peanuts in the sauce. Oh, no he’s allergic to peanuts Oh no! What do we do? He needs an epinephrine injection. Where is your EpiPen? I forgot it at home I have some Benadryl in my medicine cabinet. I can get that and give it to him. No, this is an emergency and we need to call 9-1-1 Hello 911 Yes. My friend is having an allergic reaction to peanuts and we need some help. The ambulance is on its way? Okay. Thank you Hi there we’re gonna give you an epinephrine shot to help you feel better now Now, we are going to take you to the hospital to be monitored We have the child with the anaphylactic allergy to peanuts Hi, I am your nurse, and I’m going to take you upstairs to be monitored This is your room, and if you get into bed the doctor will see you shortly Hello I am your doctor, and I heard you had an allergic reaction to peanuts You should always make sure you carry an EpiPen with you at all times And when you’re offered food always make sure that is peanut free before you eat it Can you promise me that you will always carry an EpiPen with you? Yes, I promise to carry an EpiPen and be more careful when I eat Okay, great. I will put your EpiPen on the shelf and send your family in. See you later. How are you doing? I am feeling so much better after the epi shot Am glad you’re feeling better and next time I will call your friends parents and remind them that you’re allergic to peanuts so they don’t serve you foods containing peanuts Now let’s get you home

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