How to Heal Asthma – 3 Things You Need to Do to Start Improving Fast

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– Hey, Gut Feelers, today
we’re gonna talk about asthma. Highly requested video from you, what can you do to heal your asthma? This video has two parts. In the first part, we talk
about the three root causes, potential root causes,
that cause your asthma in the first place, why do you have that? And then, in part two, I have
three simple tips for you, three things you need to focus on if you wanna heal your asthma. Really down to earth so you
can put it in action right now. What you need to know about asthma is that it’s highly complex. No asthma is like the other,
no body is like the other, because asthma can actually
have three major root causes, and often they come together, and they support each
other in a negative way. Root cause number one is trauma induced. Asthma can be caused by trauma, and this keeps repeating
and repeating itself, then the nervous system remembers this. And whenever you come
into a stress situation, the asthma comes up again. Number one, trauma induced. Number two is related to
pathogens in your body, things like Epstein-Barr, which you maybe picked up as a child, as a teenager, things like
mononucleosis for example. Friend of mine just has a daughter, she just has mononucleosis. This is Epstein-Barr, which then goes deeper and
deeper into the tissue, goes through different stadiums, then can later on cause
things like asthma as well. At number three are toxins, toxic, highly toxic overload in your body. Now some people, if they
have a lot of toxins, they react with their thyroid, allergies, maybe you have asthma and allergies, some people have food intolerances. There is a long, long list. So this is the part of
the bio-individuality, where your body has a
certain predisposition where you’re most vulnerable at. For some people it’s the gut, for some people it’s the lungs. For me, was definitely
respiratory tract and the lungs. So if you’re watching
this and you have asthma, this can have three root causes. Trauma induced, emotional
trauma, stress situation. Then we have pathogens
and toxic heavy metals, and things like DDT, pesticides that you
picked up through food, but also that has been picked up from generation to generation, and accumulated now in your body. Question of the day, guys,
I wanna know from you what one thing helped you
to improve your asthma? Share it in the comments below, you help other Gut Feelers
to get better as well. And let’s all educate each other. We are all learning and
understanding the body better, and you can help. Comment now below, pause this video. What helped you improve your asthma or even heal your asthma? One thing in the comments
below, thank you very much. And now let’s continue. Now the good news is, what most doctors and even health
practitioner don’t tell you is that asthma can be completely healed. Now let’s look into what you
can do to heal your asthma, and start really feeling more free. I know how it is when you
can’t leave the house, because you don’t know if
you’ve got your inhaler. You are not sure if it’s
a stressful situation. Maybe they’re new people who don’t know about your condition. Chronic illnesses can really take a toll on the quality, how you can live. So what can you do? All of the three steps
I’m gonna share with you have to do with lowering the
inflammation in your body, because when you have asthma,
even if it’s trauma related, or if it’s toxins or pathogens, often they also come together
and they support each other, you have inflamed nerves. There are nerves that are connected from your digestive tract to your lungs, and also to your brain, the phrenic nerve, then you have the vagus nerve. You don’t have to remember those nerves. Just know that asthma has
to do with inflamed nerves, for the first thing, and the second thing is mucus in your body, yeah? We all have mucus in the body. This is not a problem. This is also for protecting our body. But if you have pathogenic mucus, which is clogging up your internal organs, like the liver, for example,
your lymphatic system, then this needs attention. So what to do, three steps. Number one, if you have a
lot of stress in your life, if you feel like your asthma
might be trauma related, what you need to work
on is relaxation, guys. I’m sitting on the bed
right now, relaxation. You’re gonna find out what
does the trick for you. For me, for example, watching waves is really, really relaxing. What I did when I had
allergies, what helped me is I would, in the night, turn on waves, just like wave sounds,
which have this rhythm, and give me security. And I felt like (exhaling), calming down. Also, binaural beats, you can look at them on
Spotify, for example, anything that calms
down the nervous system. From a music point of
view, but also film, yeah? If you watch movies that
have a lot of violence or drama in there, stop that. This is an adrenaline addiction, guys. Watch movies with dolphins, watch movies where you
see the beauty of nature, where you see oceans,
where you see animals in harmony not killing each other, so dolphins, for example,
swimming in the sea. You gotta know that even
if you just watch a movie, for your nervous system,
and for your perception, this is not just a movie. That’s why we cry when we watch a movie, and there’s a romance scene, and she finally found her dream partner, and all those hormones, they
are all getting stimulated, they all have an effect on your body. So be very, very aware
of your emotional health. Meditating also helps. Maybe you get a massage for calming down the nervous
system through touch. So number one, take active
care of your emotional health, and find out what helps you to (exhaling), calm down and feel safe. Feeling safe is very,
very important for asthma. Number two, much more practical, this is what we talk a lot
about on this channel is diet. Diet, guys, and even if you
just have an emotional trauma, you can actually influence the body through eating differently. You can calm the nervous system through, of course my favorite, celery juice. But furthermore, what you
need the most are minerals, and not just the minerals
out of the supplement area, you need minerals that have
a high bioavailability. So green juice powders are great, any kinds of green vegetables. You wanna eat so much green vegetables. Also great in a
combination with spirulina, Hawaiian Spirulina, which is an algae, which helps you bind on toxins, yeah? So if you have a toxic
asthma, that’s helpful, apart that it contains
ample amounts of nutrients, like vitamin K, vitamin B12. The list goes just on and on. So greens are really important. Celery juice in the
morning would help, yeah? I link you the play list down below. If you haven’t heard about celery juice, it’s amazing for your brain, and your nutrients matters as well. And then, guys, glucose, healthy glucose, because you have this inflammation, you have the brain inflamed, you have the nervous system inflamed. What cools down the inflammation, also in the liver, is healthy glucose. I’m not talking about processed sugar. We are talking about fruits, guys. Fruits are living foods. If you have other gut issues, and you can’t eat so much
fruit, take some berries. Most people can do well with berries, wild blueberries of
course, or other berries. Having said that, those are the things that help you heal asthma, and then there are things
that make it almost impossible for you to overcome the asthma, because they’re creating
more inflammation. If you have asthma, you also
have acidity in the body. Inflammation always creates acidity, so you wanna work on creating
a very alkaline environment. And most important, guys, certain food groups are feeding pathogens. They are feeding pathogens
like Epstein-Barr, which might be related
to your case of asthma. And those foods, I call
them trigger foods, they are classical foods
from the American diet, is dairy, any dairy products, guys. The mucus-producing food
number one is dairy, followed by eggs. And just leaving out those two, if you are eating them,
and still have asthma, it’s gonna make a big difference. If you wanna go a little bit further, then also there is
gluten, which needs to go, anything that contains gluten, also grains that do not contain gluten, because they’re acidic. We wanna make it as alkaline as possible. So anything like sweet potatoes are great, you have the beta-carotene in there. You have potatoes, tubes, carrots, broccoli, awesome for the
protein, lots of spinach, celery. You can have a few lentils, and chickpeas, but go low on them, because
they’re also acidic. What’s not working for you
is dairy, eggs, and gluten. Those three guys have to go if you wanna overcome your asthma. Short summary of what you
can do to heal your asthma. Number one, watch your emotional health, Number two, diet is essential, it needs to be alkaline. Lots of minerals, lots
of fresh healthy foods, and leave out dairy, eggs,
and gluten, very essential. The third healing step is to
introduce a few supplements, high quality supplements, because they will help
you speed up the healing. They will help you heal the nervous system and also strengthen your immune system, and getting rid of those
thick, thick mucus. What are these supplements? Number one is vitamin B12. It needs to be a blend of two different types of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 in and by
itself is called cobalamin, and then we have adenosylcobalamin,
and methylcobalamin. And of course, no alcohol
in any supplements. No fillings, needs to be
a very clean supplement, so it actually can support
your nervous system, and doesn’t create more inflammation, and more stress on the liver, who always metabolizes anything
that comes through the body. So B12, have a look at the
shop to get this supplement. And the second one is zinc. Zinc, guys, for your immune system. This is also essential if you have toxic heavy
metals in the body. Zinc is also a heavy metal,
but it’s not a toxic one. So the best way to get
rid of toxic heavy metals, is actually to bring
in healthy heavy metals in a good ratio. We are all deficient in zinc. This is not just because we
are not eating a healthy diet, and we have a lot of
inflammation in the body, most of us, or chronic
illnesses, it’s also because soil doesn’t have enough zinc anymore, so most of us actually
need to supplement that. What I recommend is a liquid zinc sulfate, again, high bioavailability, and not toxic for the body in any way. And the third supplement you wanna get, apart from B12 and zinc,
is Hawaiian Spirulina. Hawaiian Spirulina’s alkalizing your body, and it’s binding those toxins. It’s binding heavy metals, or any pesticides that get
released from the liver and are in the blood stream, so you don’t reabsorb them
through the enterohepatic cycle. Enterohepatic cycle means the cycle between your liver and your
gut, so no reabsorption. Well, this it, guys, a first
step how to heal asthma, do those three things. Watch your emotional health
in the way that I recommended, find what supports you the best. Number two, diet, guys,
diet is key, key, key when you wanna heal your asthma
even if it’s trauma induced, to support it from the other way around, supported that the body relaxes more, then you can also access
any emotional trauma easier. At number three, support your body to speed up the healing journey, and get B12, zinc, and Hawaiian Spirulina. Hope this video was valuable for you. I’m looking forward to see you back. And of course, I’m always open for any video wishes that you have, just let me know in the comments below. Bye-bye, have a great day. (upbeat music) ♪ Fire ♪

34 thoughts on “How to Heal Asthma – 3 Things You Need to Do to Start Improving Fast

  1. I know someone who healed her son (a few years old) from asthma with the freshly squeezed juice from broad leaf plantain herb. I love to study herbs and when I looked into this herb and its cousin narrow leaf plantain they both possess healing properties for the respiratory tract. 🙂

  2. Just if you could warn some people that there is other asthma , called dry asthma related to spine problems , those people feel that they need more oxygen and dizzeness but when they visit doctor says that yr oxygen level is very good , misdiagnosing the muscles nerves back problems , sorry for my english , thank you

  3. I suffer from Asthma and bronciectisis. For me boosting my immune system and watching what I eat and drink has actually benefited me immensely. Also having some tinctures like stinging nettle and bronciforce

  4. My father felt Extreme relief by taking very small dose of GARLIC with water early morning & it was MY recommendation to him.

  5. I am 52 and have had severe chronic asthma my whole life. The only thing doctors would ever recommend were steroids and inhalers, which were causing bad side effects and weren’t even helping much. So I stopped using them years ago and my asthma has been much more manageable and improved a great deal over the past 6 months since I have been supplementing with liquid zinc and B12 as you mentioned (and changing my diet as you mentioned) but I’ve also been supplementing with a liquid D3 and K2 mix. Also, I think it has helped me a great deal to drink 100% aloe vera juice – 2 oz in the morning and same in the evening. The brand I use has no preservatives or additives, it’s called George’s. When I started using it all the sudden I noticed I was no longer getting asthma overnight.

  6. Hello, I’m new subscriber, your content of this
    video is very good. But One request please. Don’t move while recording. It’s hard to watch.

    Also my tip for asthma is , drink onion juice in the morning. Boil some few chunks of onion in water and drink that water.

  7. Been inhaler free since last year when I went whole foods plant based vegan👍I’ve had asthma all my life and been on inhalers most of my life😬

  8. Dear Peggy, a while back i asked you on a topical treatment for eczema, you recommended aloe vera. It did that for almost a month but it does nothing for my dry skin. I'm currently on the medical medium way of life wich i will be for the rest of my life but i'm currentle having bad BAD detoxing symptons wich i can handle but my hands are so dry that they constantly tear open. Any other tips?

  9. Hi Peggy, Wow. Nobody told me about trauma causing asthma before. Big trauma marks the time mine started. Hmmm… number one tip to heal my asthma is trust Peggy. Just this weekend I felt an asthma attack starting, and instead of needing the inhaler, my lungs and nose flushed much thinner healthy mucus for about fifteen minutes and then I had the most amazing improvement in my breathing. That was day number five of celery juice. It is day seven now and since day five, my lungs have felt bigger and more open than they have in years. It is as though I can breathe into my back again. Thank you Peggy. Breathing, George.

  10. Check out molecular hydrogen water it lowers inflammation or downregulates inflammation great stuff new to the market.

  11. Hi Peggy, Can you please make a video on what to do for dry itchy skin, itchy and bad dandruff with lots of scales everyday. I also have allergy to dust mites and histamine. But allergy is getting cured because I started drinking Celery juice and green smoothies everyday. When I started with this green diet, I observed that heavy ity dry skin on legs and face and dandruff has increased. Grateful if you can recommend suppliments. Thank you very much from my heart and god bless you.

  12. My number 1 tip that cured my SEVERE asthma is make sure your pee is clear to lightly yellow if its too yellow YOU'RE NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER!(not enough water will make your body hydrate your lungs with mucus) And dont forget to get your electrolytes, magnesium and potassium are essential.

  13. I overcame my battle with crohn's disease from strep bacteria in my body with fruits and veggies the truth to good health is so very simple.

    Sending you big love! 🙂

  14. Hi Peggy!
    Hyssop essential oil is always helpful.
    I love your videos and guidance. Can you address teenage health?

  15. Hi Peggy could you give us a clue of good non-suplemented sources of vegan DHA and Adenosylcobalamin
    How you manage to get these in your diet from foods?
    Anyways, i dont suffer from asthma but I love your videos and always enjoy seeing you help new people
    You are the best

  16. What would you recommend to try if I cannot digest fats (Nuts, Seeds, Avocado etc)? I have not too much Pancreas-elastase 1 and not too much bile acid in my stool. I have this issue since I got a vaccination (gardasil) 8 years ago.

  17. Hi Peggy! Seeing your videos I feel like I finally have the tools to heal my digestive problems. I just received the Ionisch-Kolloidales Zink (because unfortunately the Good State Zinc doesn't ship to the Netherlands) which you recommend on your website, but I can't find the dosage anywhere. How much do you recommend taking? Do I put it in water, or just take it as is? Thanks!

  18. Hallo Peggy kann mal Post nasal drip heilen? Ich hab das nach einer OP bekommen seid dem hab ich Asthma Probleme und kann nicht mehr schlafen und bin fix und fertig .

  19. I noticed that shortly after eating eggs, I would feel asthma symptoms coming on. In the past, I had quit dairy and eggs and noticed huge improvement in my asthma- as in not really using my inhaler at all…A year back on dairy and symptoms started up again. I'm in the process of readjusting my diet again. Thank you so much for these videos.

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