How To Help A Congested Baby Breathe

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is your baby congested and having a hard
time breathing or just want to know what works when that happens well in this
video I’m gonna give you ten tips on how to help a congested baby breathe
plus a holistic bonus tip that works stay tuned hi I’m Dan and welcome to parent
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over the last two weeks our son has been congested and just having a hard time
breathing whether he’s awake or sleeping so we’ve
had to figure out how best to help him and so we thought it was the perfect
time to share the tips that we’ve learned with you now before we get into
those tips I have a question for you what concerns you the most about taking
care of a congested or sick baby put your answers in the comments below now
it could be really hard at 3 in the morning
when your baby wakes up with a really stuffy nose or severe congestion and you
just don’t know what to do right you’re sitting there and you’re like I need to
wake up for work in the morning I’m exhausted baby please go back to sleep
you try to put them down they wake up yelling and screaming trying to breathe
and they can’t breathe and it just keeps going in the cycle and you don’t know
how to stop it feels like the night’s never gonna end well here are the 10
tips that I have for you in that moment and also to prepare for so that when
that moment does come you’ll be ready tip number 1 call your pediatrician I
mean that’s always the first step with everything with a newborn right but in
that moment even if it’s really late at night most pediatricians have a late
night number that you could call and get in touch with somebody and get a call
back from a nurse or from your pediatrician even if it’s really late
and it’s always good to get their advice in that moment besides just taking
something off the internet because you want to know exactly what to do with
your baby in your situation and they will best recommend the things that you
could do and also you might just need to schedule an appointment for that morning
so you just want to get that taken care of tip number 2 saline drops or spray
this will help break up the congestion in their nose there’s really no medicine
in it it’s just salt water and it’s safe to use with a newborn of course you want
to first ask your pediatrician on what to use how much to use and even in your
particular situation if your baby should have this it
is a great quick way to help alleviate some congestion and your baby’s nose now
you could just spray this right into the baby’s nose and leave it in there as it
breaks up the congestion or tip number three use suction now suction could come
in the form of first a syringe bulb this is a bulb that could come in a care kit
or you could buy this straight off we got this off Amazon this bowl particular
bulb comes apart so that you could clean the inside of it this is important
because a lot of bulbs bulbs like this one that don’t come apart they could
actually collect mold on the inside because it’s always wet it’s dark this
is where bacteria likes to grow right so if you have a syringe like this that
doesn’t open up you may only want to use this for a month or so or make sure that
you’re cleaning it really well out with hot water and not spraying the air back
into the baby’s nose because that could actually be more harmful to the baby
than good or if you have one that’s like this that opens up you want to clean
this out pretty often especially if you’re sucking out a congested baby
because you don’t want the sickness and germs to remain inside this bulb but all
you do is once you’ve sprayed your saline press the suction on the bulb
stick it to the baby’s nose and suck you out it will suck out a lot of the
congestion and a lot of the mucus this may not suck out enough though because
it might not have that complete seal around the baby’s nostril so we also
recommend the Nosefrida now this is probably one of the grossest
things that new parents nowadays have is these nose Frida’s right Amanda and I
actually didn’t want to use this Nosefrida for about three months because
we just thought it was gross I mean you’re literally putting your mouth here
and sucking the snot out of your baby’s nose now that sounded gross for so long
until I did some research and watched a video that on here there is a little
filter that goes right here and that filter prevents any mucus from
ever touching your mouth now once you’ve sucked the baby out if anything gets on
this filter you could just replace this filter Nosefrida sells the filters in a
box and you get a whole bunch this sucks out the mucus very well if you could get
past the gross part about the Nosefrida now we’ve put this in the links in the
description below along with everything else that we mentioned
video so you go check those out throughout the video at any point tip
number four the hot shower if you go into your bathroom with your baby turn
the shower on really hot and just stand outside the shower letting the steam
break up the congestion in your baby’s nose this will warm them up it will
break up the congestion so that they could breathe the other day I had my son
and he was crying because he could not breathe well over an hour nothing was
helping him so I went into the bathroom turned on the shower and let the steam
hit his face and he fell asleep in under a minute right in my arms knocked out
and was breathing perfectly tip number five a humidifier we use the Vicks cool
humidifier because our apartment’s already pretty warm so we don’t want to
heat it up more with a hot humidifier so we put on the cool humidifier any time
the baby is sleeping we just place it in the room and let the humidifier fill up
the room now one important thing to note though is that the humidifier can easily
build up mold within it so you want to read the directions of your particular
humidifier on how to clean it often so that mold doesn’t collect and it shoots
mold into the room that your baby is now breathing in potentially making them
worse tip number six an air purifier now this is important to use because you
want to get all the germs and all the dust out of the air and we use the germ
guardian but there is so many different purifiers out there that you can get so
just look up what’s the best for your situation they can range from 90 bucks
all the way up to 200 so what’s best for your budget what’s best for the size of
your room wherever it is that you have your baby you want to make sure that
that purifier works for that space now air purifiers are especially good
because you want to clean out all of that dust and germs that have been just
floating around in the air especially if your baby’s coughing a lot if you happen
to be sick you want to be able to get all of that cleared out of the air so
that the baby can get better quicker and an air purifier might be a good
alternative white noise sound to a fan which is just going to blow around the
germs in the room where the air purifier is taking those germs out tip number
seven keep your baby sitting upright and elevated while they’re sleeping when
your baby is laying down at just the just backs up but if you sit your baby
up while they’re awake try to keep them up in your lap seated in a bouncer or
anywhere that you could keep them sitting up it will help drain the mucus
instead of remaining there when they lay down and when they do lay down you want
to elevate them we’ve used a sleeper that’s in our pack and play that kept
him elevated for a while now we’re putting blankets underneath the pad in
his bassinet and in his pack and play to keep them lifted so if you find a way to
elevate if your baby’s in a crib in their mattress find a way to elevate
that part of the mattress so that they are a little elevated so that their
congestion can drain instead of just being stuck in that spot and they’re
ultimately going to wake up every few minutes just because of that congestion
so to alleviate that for them to be able to sleep longer and thus you be able to
sleep longer that is something that you want to do you could also check out a
video that we have on 10 tips on how to get more sleep up in the YouTube card
above tip number eight baby Vicks Vicks makes a special baby Vicks formula that
you could put on your baby now always ask your pediatrician before using
something like baby Vicks take some in your hand and put it on their chest make
sure that it’s covered so that they can’t touch it and put it in their mouth
also you could put it on their feet and make sure that they have socks on and or
that they have a onesie with feet covering it sit number nine make sure
your baby is well fed and hydrated the congestion might prevent them from
eating they might not want to eat they might not want to nurse because the
congestion is just bothering them so much or they may eat but right after
they eat they throw it all up the last thing we want is a dehydrated baby on
top of being congested so we suggest that you go through steps 2 3 & 4 then
feeding them now that might be a lot if they’re feeding every hour 2 hours 3
hours but it’s important it’ll help them get hydrated and get that food in so
that they can have the energy to continue throughout the day tip number
10 your pediatrician may prescribe a nebulizer now I wouldn’t recommend
getting a nebulizer outside of getting a prescription from your pediatrician but
you may get one we’ve had to use a nebulizer over the last two weeks it’s
you know not been fun he hasn’t loved using a nebulizer but it
helps so much we’ve used the nebulizer and then we’ve gone in the shower to get
that steam in his nose and it’s a lot of steps I mean it’s exhausting and tiring
but you know you’ll do anything for your baby so that they’ll be able to breathe
and then you could lay them down and you can get sleep your baby gets sleep and
it’s gonna take some time but they will get better
bonus tip a holistic natural remedy that our friend told us about onions yes
onions now it sounds a little strange right we thought it was a little strange
too but it totally works if you don’t have any of the things that we’ve listed
in tips 1 through 10 but you do have an onion in your fridge take that onion cut
it open throw it in a bowl and put it in your baby’s room and watch that
congestion start to break up now it might not be perfect right but it’s
something and at 3 in the morning when you’re tired and exhausted and just
needs something to work go for an onion and it might just do the trick now if
there’s any other tips that you have in order to help a congested baby put that
in the comments below if you’re interested in another video from parent
pacifier why don’t you try one of these thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
the next video

50 thoughts on “How To Help A Congested Baby Breathe

  1. 🚼 Q4U: What are you concerns you most about taking care of a congested or sick baby?👇
    🚼 Also what other tips do you have for helping a congested baby breathe? 👇👇👇

  2. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "getting my baby to sleep alone" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Qeysaiah Baby Bangka – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin got amazing success with it.

  3. New subscriber enjoyed watching this video my 3 month old has about 3 weeks with a stuffy nose and now 4 days with a congested chest and coughing 😟 she is so little I don’t know what else to do!!! Like you’re advice I will definitely try the onion because nothing else seems to help

  4. The onion, oh yes, I have used it too, but for a different purpose. I always cut onions whenever I suffer from dry eyes. None of the medical shop eye drops help me, but onion, triggers the natural process to bring tears from glands. it is great thing and yes it does bring in some water in nose too, so surely that would work for infants as well.

  5. Great video ! Thanks ! A word of advice: stay away from air filters that have 1. UV, or 2. Ionization. If they have these features but can switch them off and still run the filter then fine, otherwise you should buy a different model. I had to get rid of both, an Ionizing air filter and a UV dehumidifier. Both are great for getting rid of dust and bacteria, but are also terrible for the lungs. Stick with HEPA and charcoal and etc. I chose Philips models (one for my Dad, cheaper one for me). Bigger but simple and worth it. Both have a HEPA filter, a Charcoal filter, and my Dad's has a Formaldehyde filter. Plenty of brands to choose from. Another tip: PLANTS ! Will humidify your room and REMOVE FORMALDEHYDE and other chemical pollutants from your air (and break them down in the roots), and add some life and serenity to your room. NASA has a great list of air cleaning plants (that you could make a video on). For a start I'd recommend Peace Lilly, because it's so damn tough it probably wont die on you and make you loose heart. I've had plenty of plants die on me but the Peace Lilly has stayed with me for many years through unbelievable situations. That and the Golden Pothos (mine being hydroponic in a bowl of water). Both were high on the NASA study.

  6. Thank you so much for your helpful tips!!. It’s 5:00am and woke up to nurse a very congested baby. I felt so bad for my little one that I started searching YouTube for at home remedies and after 2 videos with “Professional” advice still nada until your thumbnail popped up. I went into the shower and after 5min suctioned his nose with syringe bulb and voila! Got a pretty good amount of mucus out. I also applied a tiny amount of adult Vaporub under his nose and feet and those 3 things did the trick. Baby went back to sleep. Can’t thank you enough!

  7. You can get a wedge pillow (e.g. wedgehog) to raise the baby's body while they're sleeping.

    My doctor recommended me to crush garlic in VCO, and rub on the baby's chest. Also, to crush some turmeric and rub on the baby's nose.

    Just in case anyone else is interested in trying that out.

    If you're going to use essential oils for your humidifier, make sure they're the type of vaporizer that's safe for the oils. Otherwise you're going to clog and ruin it.

  8. I have a warm humidifier and just got a cool mist humidifier. I have something like the frida nose but it wasn’t working I couldn’t get anything out anymore. So I ordered in amazon the one sucker that it comes apart but still nothing is working my baby congestion sounds like is on the face but not the nose at least that’s what they told me yesterday at pediatrician. I don’t know what else to do to help my baby. I can hear all the congestion noises inside my baby. So frustrating.

  9. Perfect video I felt the same way about the frida now I love it it works great nebulizer is awsome too I forgot about the shower thing though thanks for the reminder

  10. Pediatricians aren't always the right answer. Try taking your baby to a chiropractor. They can do wonders for congestion.

  11. there is a yellow sometimes teal color banana looking electric nose sucker, which sucks way better than anything in the market. I showed to our pedi, in fact, had to switch to a different pedi due to relocations, they both approved it.
    Also alovera plant extract is good for treating anything nasal/throat related. I squeeze a small plant cut and use the liquid (not the mucusy or chunky parts) as a nose drops, does magic…

  12. How do you get your toddler to sit in a bathroom for 10min? I want to try that but dont think he'll sit still in a bathroom for that long lol

  13. We Indonesian often use onions/shallots for Congestion. We crushed and grind the onions to make a semi-paste texture. Then mix it up with coconut oil / olive oil with a clean hand while pressing the juices out so it mixes up with the oil. Then we rub the mixture throughout our child's body and gently message it. We also put around a teaspoon of the mixture on the baby's head near the forehead. And usually, mucus starts to come out from the nose and fever eventually subsided. InsyaAllah

  14. Thank u sooo much. We are brand new "temporary parents" of our lil nephew (1 month old)😍. Until my sister is ready WE are taking care of our lil one… This video is a blessing to us 😊 definitely going to try couple things… Especilaly hot shower, baby vicks, humidifier… He is very congested and we didn't know what to do..until know. Thanks again.

  15. Thank you so much! My baby has been congested for a while now. And I also appreciate the information about cleaning thoroughly the nose syringe. Thank you thank you thank you

  16. I am concerned that he is uncomfortable because he is so small (1 month) and doesn't understand what is going on.

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