How to help other people understand asthma

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I don’t think people actually take asthma seriously unless they’ve got a family member or somebody close to them A lot of people I have actually met personally through my personal experience they don’t actually understand asthma as well as I do because I have asthma. What I would like to see change is a lot of asthma awareness and I know it’s gradually going to take time to educate people and to bring the asthma awareness but I think maybe we could start from schools first obviously there’s a lot of children that have asthma and it’s a good way to start in schools by educating the teachers first so once we educate the teachers, raise that awareness, then we can move on to the class children so even they could help if their friend’s in danger in the classroom and then we could hopefully move outside the community and educate other people, raise the asthma awareness so at least they understand the basics.

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