How to improve your cholesterol numbers

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You’ve got a diagnosis of high cholesterol.
Oh dear ! We’re accustomed to viewing high levels of LDL cholesterol as “a heart attack
waiting to happen”. This viewpoint leads to Low cholesterol diets and statin prescriptions.
While extremely high levels of LDL particles are definitely not a sign of GOOD HEALTH,
the real red flag, is the combination of high LDL particles and low HDL particles. You see,
the LDL particles are being deliberately dispatched by the liver, to provide cells with the cholesterol
they need to function. Surprise, surprise – cholesterol is a critical nutrient. It
does all sorts of things like shoring up membranes, insulating nerve cells, it serves as a building
block for steroid hormones, it’s killing off nasties in the GUT and facilitating the
absorption fat soluble vitamins. It’s needed. When LDL levels are high – it’s because
cells NEED MORE. Why they need more…………….. typically, they’re in some kind of TROUBLE.
I like to think of LDL particles as the Red Cross, delivering supplies and band aids.
Interfering with these helpful supplies is “misguided”. Unfortunately, when the cholesterol
enters the war zone, it too can get damaged. Oxidative stress is brutal. So is glycation.
Our hero, gets hurt. One thing leads to another and……………… the next thing you know,
the intima, the layer that lines the arteries, is jammed up with foam cells, that are overloaded
with cholesterol. The overflow, blocks blood flow……………… Bad body chemistry
creates the mess. It is unfortunate, but not a disaster. The liver dispatches HDL particles,
to bring the superfluous cholesterol back to base, so it can be appropriately disposed
of. HDL particles can vacuum up the excess cholesterol, through a process known as reverse
cholesterol transport. A key player in this process is a transporter protein, known as
the ABCA1 transporter. It’s all very civilized……………. Except when the body suffers an HDL shortage.
When this happens, the cholesterol overflow is not removed timeously, the minor mess accumulates,
becoming a disaster. In light of this, maybe it’s time to focus on increasing HDL, not
lowering LDL ? Join us for this episode of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY, as we explore how you
can get a more efficient clean up crew. Better Body Chemistry TV is brought to you by Dr
Sandy – a scientist turned gremlin buster, HELPING YOU, battle sugar gremlins, heffa-lumps
& other health horribles, through BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. Remember small things can make
a big difference to your health. So what can you do to beef up your HDL levels ? Regrettably………………..
you cannot just swallow a pill. Despite a valiant effort from big pharma, there still
is not a drug on the market that does this well. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t
have options. You do. One of the options – is to move MORE. This is what a group of researchers
from Urmia University recently confirmed….in a group of couch potatoes. The researchers
rounded up 36 women who were all overweight and sedentary. The ladies were then divided
into two groups. Group 1 : continued life as usual, sitting on the couch. Group 2 : enrolled
in a 12 week exercise programme, which required pushing and pulling for approx. 1 hour, at
65-75 % of their max heart rate, three times a week. At the start of the study, and then
at the end of the training programme, they measured all the usual biomarkers……..
BMI, weight, fat mass, total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides and fasting glucose
levels. They also assessed the “functioning” of the “cholesterol clean up crew” in
the blood cells, by quantifying the mRNA levels of the ABCA1 transporter and apo-A1 protein.
The training programme improved overall body chemistry. Sitting pretty, didn’t. The exercising
ladies, managed to lose a little weight, dropping from 83.6 kilos to 79.4. The weight they lost
was FAT. Whoohoo ! And their other numbers were also better, including their HDL levels,
which increased. Proving, moving more does create better body chemistry. Which is something,
we all already knew. Of course, knowing and doing, are not always the same thing. Eish
! But, this was not the point of this study, the point of this study was to “observe”
what happened to the cholesterol clean up crew. The team found, both the levels of ABCA1
AND Apo A-1 in the blood, increased significantly in the exercising ladies. Suggesting………..
the improvements in the cholesterol numbers were due to a better trained clean up crew.
The in form, ABCA1 transporter is able to move phospholipids out of the cell membranes
and package them into the lipid poor Apo A1 containing lipoprotein particles. Which is
a good thing…………….. So get up off the couch and MOVE…………… it will
create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY ! If you’re too lazy to move, you can improve you HDL
levels by eating more eggs. Interested in discovering more ways to create BETTER BODY
CHEMISTRY, so you optimize your health and the health of your family ? Visit our website
WWW BETTERBODYCHEMISTRY dot COM and browse our library or enrol in one of our courses
or programmes. The advice is simple to follow and based on real science, not hype. Know
someone who is struggling with high cholesterol ? Share this video with them – maybe watching
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CHEMISTRY TV. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time. Remember small
things can make a big difference to your health.

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