How to Lower Cholesterol and Flush Plaque from Your Arteries

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My name is Roy Murphy.
I’m 64 years old and before retirement I was a civil engineer.
Sat next to me is my wife Margaret, to whom I owe my life.
This photo was taken 2 years ago when high cholesterol was ruining my health.
It was making me feel drained of energy all the time and a grouchy so and so.
However, my wonderful wife found an unusual type of oral therapy that helped to get my
cholesterol under control, to flush out some of the plaque from my arteries and to recover
my vim and vigor. If you click the link in the top right you
can find out what it is. But before my wife found out about it, I was
knocking on death’s door. My doctor even said to me: “Roy, unless
we get your coronary artery cleared of plaque you only have months to live before you get
a heart attack or stroke.” I could well believe it.
I could barely walk a hundred yards before gasping for breath and my heart feeling like
it would punch a hole in my ribs. Most painful was having to say ‘no’ to
playing with my grandkids. Seeing the look of disappointment on their
faces made me feel terrible. They didn’t understand that I didn’t have the energy
to chase them around the garden like I used to.
I felt like the grim reaper was watching over me.
And, as much as I hate to admit it, I felt like giving up.
Id already tried cutting cholesterol from my diet, filling my fridge with foods labelled
‘Low in Fat’ and Id given up smoking years ago.
Id done everything you’re told to do. Yet still my doctor told me I had only months
left. Well, I may have given up.
But my darling wife hadn’t. Whenever I was crashed out on the sofa, Margaret
was busy researching high cholesterol and heart disease on her iPad.
One day I was startled awake when she started prodding me in the ribs.
Thinking it was because I was snoring, I grumbled and rolled over.
But then she prodded me again saying “Roy, you need to see this.”
She showed me an article on the Erudite Lifestyle website.
In this article it revealed how the ‘low cholesterol-low fat’ mantra we’ve had
drilled into us for so many years may not be the whole story.
Because cholesterol may, in fact, NOT be the main cause of heart attacks.
New research suggests that it may be something else entirely.
If you click the link in the top right you can read the article for yourself and find
out what we discovered. And I recommend you check it out because the
article also reveals an oral therapy that may help unclog your arteries, get your cholesterol
in the healthy ratio and free your heart from the pounding pressure it may be under right
now. Well, after I read the article, you know what
I did? I took action!
Since then I’ve seen my total cholesterol levels plummet from 272 to 152. That’s a
44% drop! My bad LDL has fallen to 77 while my good
HDL is up to 51, putting them well within the healthy ratio.
More importantly, I can chase my grandkids around the garden again, go for long strolls
with Margaret and enjoy my life, instead of living in fear of a heart attack or stroke.
I can’t tell you what a relief it is to know I likely have years, not months, ahead
of me. And I won’t have to get sliced open on the surgeon’s table.
I created this video because I want other people to experience this transformation for
themselves. I understand how confusing all the advice
can be. How one week we’re told never to eat fat,
the next week it’s safe. One day it’s sugar that’s to blame for
diabetes, the next day it’s processed meat. And I’m not normally one for conspiracy
theories. But it’s difficult not to raise your eyebrows
at how doctors are prescribing artery widening drugs like candy when a safe, natural alternative
exists without side effects. Please don’t wait until your arteries get
so bad that bypass surgery becomes the only option.
Both you and your partner deserve to spend your lives in good health, and not waiting
for your heart to give in. Or just feeling down and sad from low energy,
shortness of breath and having to watch your grandkids playing from the sofa.
Because when you can lower your cholesterol and clean out your arteries, your heart no
longer has to battle to force blood through. Instead, you may find that you have more energy,
fewer health problems and can go back to enjoying your life.
You may find you get your mojo back too. Sounds too good to be true?
Maybe it is. But if you never try how will you ever know?
Again, if you’d like to know what may be the real cause of heart attacks and strokes.
And a type of oral therapy that may help clear your arteries of plaque, safely and naturally.
Visit the Erudite Lifestyle website to find out more.
I guarantee you, with your health problems relieved, you will be happier and more energetic.
Isn’t that what you really want?

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