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When you go to your physician and diagnose
that you have high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Unfortunately the first typical recommendation
that you are given is a prescription medication. There are various natural ways to promote
your cardiovascular health lower cholesterol naturally that also benefit your entire body
with no side effects! Here are some of the most efficient and simple
ways to lower your LDL Cholesterol and improve your cardiovascular and overall health naturally:
This is a key nutrient for the optimal functioning of your heart. It decreased when taking bad cholesterol-lowering
drugs (statins), but it is also often low in many people, even
if you do not take a statin. The omega-3 fatty acids find in fish oil has
natural anti-inflammatory effects, which benefits your cardiovascular system and lower your
LDL cholesterol. Also, the cell wall of every cell in the body
is made of fat and when this wall contains a high amount concentration of omega-3 fats,
the cell functions better overall. Eating fish oil can increase the health of
every cell in your body. (Make sure it is a high-quality label because
cheap fish oil can be toxic.) Number of studies have claimed that its regular
eating heart health, as it helps in reduce the LDL cholesterol
while raising the HDL cholesterol levels naturally, and lowering high blood pressure by 7-8 %.
Eat regularly and find a supplement containing 4000 mcg allicin (the active ingredient in
garlic) per day. It has been shown that at least one cup per
day lowers bad cholesterol. Spice, use a lot! It has been shown to lowering LDL Cholesterol
naturally and is also an excellent natural, anti-inflammatory. You can also buy fresh turmeric root and cook
it or use it in smoothies. (But be alert because the bright orange color
will stain.) Exercise is one of the few accesses to not
only lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol, but it can also increase your good HDL cholesterol
naturally. I suggest making a habit of having frozen
blueberries in your freezer all year round and eating daily. You can also take a supplement rich in antioxidants
like resveratrol or a superfood, green powder. Increasing vegetables in your food will greatly
increase your fiber consumption. Fiber lowers cholesterol naturally and allows
it to move out of your body through bowel movements. Psyllium husk powder is great sourcing of
lower your LDL cholesterol naturally. Its powder is another big source of fiber
and can use in addition to eating extra vegetables. You can get it from health food market. Also, when taken before meals, it can help
you feel full before, and therefore eat less and lose weight. Look for real psyllium husk powder, or even
simply pure, ground flax seeds are a great source of fiber as well. But go slow. Just start with one teaspoon a day for a week. Then increase to two teaspoons per day during
week two, and then three per week, for a total of 3 teaspoons per day (which is the same
as a tablespoon). If fiber increases too fast, it can cause
constipation. So it is also good to drink of water with
it. This list includes very useful ways to lower
your cholesterol naturally, as well as make your heart and body better and healthy.

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