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Six ways to lower cholesterol in the kitchen. To lower the cholesterol level, it is important
to change the cooking method of the meal. Let’s cook in a way that does not take extra
lipid even a little. Cholesterol is an important lipid for the
body to work as much as possible. Cholesterol is also involved in the generation of certain
hormones, the acids related to digestion, and the body making. Cholesterol is produced by the liver, but
it is also contained in food, so it can be absorbed there. Cholesterol is a very important
compound because we are healthy, but if control becomes ineffective it is very dangerous and
can be our enemy. If the cholesterol level is too high, it may
increase the risk of cardiovascular, liver, kidney and other diseases. The most dangerous thing is that many people
do not know that their cholesterol level is high. This is because even if the cholesterol
level is high, there are no symptoms at first. From this, the doctor regularly inspects and
recommends balanced diet with lipid and calorie management. Let’s show you how to control the intake of
six cholesterol that can be used when standing in the kitchen. 1, Quit margarine: Margarine contains a lot of cholesterol and
saturated fats. If you eat margarine on a daily basis, the
balance of lipids in the blood may collapse or cause cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis
. In order to suppress the intake of margarine,
it would be good to use oils that can be taken from the following vegetables. sunflower,
olive, Canola,
Bonifth, Avocado, 2, Change dressing:
Sources and dressings etc, usually used for cooking includes many calories and saturated
fats. If you take too much bad cholesterol, it will
take time to slowly metabolize abnormality. It would be better to turn dressing and sauces
into the following healthy ones: sour cream,
Low fat mustard, Greek yogurt,
Tomato paste, Herbs and spices, 3, Take low-fat dairy products: Animal food such as dairy products is an important
source of cholesterol . However, this also results in raising the cholesterol level in
the blood as a result . Milk, yogurt, cheese contain a lot of saturated
lipids that affect health. From this we recommend choosing low fat, skim,
and fat free dairy products to control the intake of cholesterol. Even so, let’s not take these in large quantities
because it may contain high calories even if it is not listed on the label. 4, Use extra virgin olive oil:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the “healthy oils” to be incorporated into our daily diet. This natural oil not only can incorporate
fatty acids important to the body, it also prevents cholesterol from collecting in the
blood and encourages elimination . It is superior to antioxidants that reduce
the risk of cytotoxicity and arteriosclerosis . And it tastes well and fits a variety of dishes. 5, Change the way of cooking: Although it may not be widely known, the amount
of lipid in blood changes greatly with the cooking method you usually use. Both cholesterol and triglycerides can be
increased by cooking with oil. Rather than grilling and oven baking, the
custom of frying in oil will start affecting health sooner or later. Another good thing to remember is that if
you cook ingredients at a high temperature the nutritional value will be lowered or destroyed. 6, Try to eat a lot of vegetables:
Vegetables lower cholesterol and reduce other cholesterol related problems. It also contains a lot of nutritional value
that has few calories , cleans the artery and also gives it elasticity . Many nutritionists recommend that half of
the meal should be vegetables. By doing so, you will feel a sense of satiety
ahead of time, and you will be able to take precious nutritional value properly. And remember that the best thing is to eat
raw vegetables. You can incorporate 100% nutrition by eating raw. To control cholesterol, it is important to
be careful about eating habits. You can start by making some correct choices. Please remember what you introduced this time
when you cook, please keep health.

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