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hi I’m Nikki Fraser I’m one of your
instructors and co-founding executive with School of Essentria. In this module
we’re going over a lot of different ways on how to make products with the
essential oils and this video is going to be all about personal inhalers. If
you’ve never seen a personal inhaler there are great little contraptions they
have a few parts to them and what you do is you put oils onto a cotton wick and
then you pop it in to the chamber and it has a cap and a bottom to keep it in so
today I’m going to make a personal inhaler for seasonal threats my synergy
that I like to use contains cedar wood tea tree and lavender so what I like to
do is take my personal wick and I just have a glass bowl just mix it easier I
put it in the glass and I’m going to put five drops of each oil onto the cotton
wick and you just kind of spread it around over the wick, 1,2,3,4,5, so that was the
five drops of lavender five drops of tea tree, and five drops of cedarwood, 1,2,3,4,5. and I have these oils because they’re
very anti-inflammatory they really help bring down any of the inflammation that
that can be happening with congestion or anything like that what’s really great
about personal healers is that you can get them in multiple colors there’s
also different ones that you can get so this is one, same concept it has a
lid, oh ther it goes and you just unscrew this and the cotton wick goes inside here
okay just screw it back on pop it back in,
and this one here you were, you push this and the oil comes out this little hole
here so you don’t have to put it as close to your nostril as you would with
one of these, both work great it’s really up to you which one you decide to use
there’s also really nice glass ones there’s all kinds of personal inhalers
so now that the oil base essential oil is onto the wick I’m going to put it
into this actually I have all the pieces for a blue one out I’m going to put it
into this pop on the bottom and it’s really good about these is not only do
they last several months but you can also reuse them, there you go, so that’s
once it snapped in you screw it in and you’re good to go. the only thing to
remember is to always label your products so I just have blank labels for myself
because this is for personal use so I’m not going to have everything on it but I
do usually also put how many drops of each of such oil that I put in here
whenever I start to feel the effects of seasonal threats I can just take a deep
inhale, and get the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. if you’ve never
used a personal inhaler before I highly recommend that you buy a few try them
out these are really good especially if you can’t use essential oils in certain
areas like your office, you have small children around the house and you really
want to use oils that were contraindicated with them, really
fantastic to have on hand. have a great day.

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