How To Make an  Essential Oil Inhaler Blend – Essential Oil Inhaler Recipes

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Today we’re going to be making an
inhaler. These are great to have on hand and you can use them just about anywhere. So what you’ll need to do is gather all your supplies again for this activity. You’re going to need a glass bowl to put your essential oils in and blend them. You’re
going to use a glass rod to stir you’re going to want to have your tongs and
maybe even another bowl if that it’s necessary to maybe this one’s a little
too small. I have on hand the coffee beans because you know when you’re
smelling a lot of different oils trying to see which one is the best fit for
what you’re going to make it for you want to make sure you clear your palate
and just smell the coffee. And just sort of helps to get all that out of your
senses. Then we’re going to use our perfume strips now these are going
to be the oils that you’re trying to see which go well together. Now in this
particular blend we’re looking at the respiratory system. So we want to blend
also they’re going to be therapeutic beneficial for the respiratory. So that
might be eucalyptus it might be lemon so you just wave them under your nostrils
and just try different things and combine them. Okay now in this blend I
have chosen to use rosemary essential oil, lemon essential oil and bergamot. So
we have actually two top notes and the middle note in this particular one we’re
going to use the total of fifteen to eighteen drops and we’re going to make
sure that we write these down because we don’t want to forget how many drops we
add to each one. So let’s look at go ahead and get out your aromatherapy
certification workbook as we’re going to be writing everything down on our recipe
report form. Okay and let’s just now begin by starting with their oils. So I’m
going to start with the rosemary I’m going to go ahead and add three drops
rosemary first so let’s just count us out one two three it’s a pretty big drop
stick and next I’m going to add the bergamot and I love this one this is
such a nice fragrance very soft. Now four drops just come out quick too so you
have to be careful with that and lemon this is our top note we’re going to add
about eight rob’s of lemon 123456789 all right. And now we want to take a broad
and stir these and check to see if we like that scent. This is nice very very
light and citrusy. I like that. And you can just get a hint of the rosemary
which is nice because you don’t want that to overpower the other scent. Okay so I like it I think it’ll be good. And so we’re going to take our inhaler out of
our supply kit and we’re going to just take these pieces apart. Because what
we’re going to do is we’re going to put our cotton inside here and just roll it
around so we can get all the oil absorbed in it. Oh wow this is great. This
is so nice. Now we’re going to just drop this in side the applicator I’m going to
put the top on it right here. This is the but I’m go to squeeze it and lock it
in and then we’re going to just put the cap back on. So we can just keep it
closed up and use it as needed. Nice. So this is something you can use three to
six times a day you can carry it in your pocket you take it when you travel. In
this is a great uplifting very energizing inhaler this is even great
for children because they can take it to school with them and if this it’s not
overwhelming so that other people around them would be even able to smell it or
detect it. But it might help them on those tests
when they’re taking their final exams. There you have it.

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