14 thoughts on “How to Make an Essential Oil Inhaler

  1. Would you do a room tour of your oils? Show how you display them. And catoragize them. How you choose which specific ones to add. And how to add drop by drop to make blends. I really enjoy collection and displays. But it makes me want to shop.

  2. Iv looked at the course. Its more than i can afford and dont know what i would do with the knowledge besides my own home care, ya know.?

  3. I love Andrea and Cindy at Aromahead and these videos. 💜 I highly recommend Aromahead Institute for your future in Aromatherapy. 🌿

  4. Hi Andrea. What is the difference between black spruce and hemlock? I live in Vermont and I’m quite familiar with hemlock but not black spruce. Thanks, Carol

  5. I have some of the metal inhalers with the internal glass bottles but I don't like how the cotton wick fits so tightly in the neck of the small bottle and tends to block the aroma coming off the full length of the wick. I substituted a course salt for the wick and fill the bottle about 3/4 full (salt) and then add the blended oils using a tiny funnel. This provides much more aroma but i'm not completely sure if the salt I have chosen is enert enough to prevent interfering with the desired scent. Can anyone recommend the BEST course salt to use in combo with EO's?

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