How To Make An Inhaler Blend Using Essential Oils

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Today we’re going to make an inhaler. These are great to have on hand and use because you can take them anywhere
they’re small enough to fit in your pocket. You can use them for traveling
and also when you think about it they’re great for having on hand when you have a
cold or sinus or so stuffed up or for allergies. And so what you simply do is
add your essential oils directly into this put the top on and carry it with
you. So I’m going to show you how to start there now we want to take a look
at some of the supplies that we need to have on hand when we begin our project.
First we want to make sure we have a blending bowl to use to blend our
essential oils in. We have our glass stir rod that we’re going to use for stirring and
I have tongs that I’m going to be using for the applicator in the equipment for
the inhaler. I have a bigger mixer bowl that we can use for that and also be
sure and have your coffee beans ready to go. Because when you’re smelling these
oils you want just clear your palate of the smells as you’re trying different
oils and seeing which ones you like now you want to take a look at your data
sheets in your textbook to see which oils would be the best fit for your
inhaler. This is going to be based on the purpose of what you want to blend and
for that. In this case I’m going to be looking at making something maybe a
little more uplifting. So I’m going to be going with some oils that are very
energizing and stimulating. So this is what we have in your supply kit this is
for making your inhaler. We have the interior piece that we’ll be using this
cotton to absorb the oils. We’ll be placing it down in here and then we’ll
put the on to put the cap on and hold it in. So this is pretty much one
time use you’re not going to be opening up again to add more oil. But it
certainly will last for a long time. So first we want to take our perfume strips
look at our data sheets and choose which oils we want to. Now in this case we are again going to be using the blending by note method. Now
you may want to be looking at something for allergies or something for a
respiratory. In that case you’re going to be looking at your data sheets which
also going to be the best ones for that. And then you’re going to wave those
holes together under your nose just take a breath and smell them and see how you
like them and then you’ll be able to know which ones are the best to put
together. In this particular blend that I’m going to be making forward the
joyful happy inhaler blend. I’ve chosen to use sweet orange as my top note oil. But as my middle note and frankincense as my base note. So those are the three
that I’m going to use. Now I’m going to go ahead and start by blending my oil. So
I’m gonna use my base note first which is my frankincense and I’m going to
count out two drops. Okay and as you know what the base note you don’t need a lot
a little is more the clove bud is my middle note. So I’m going to be adding a
little bit more so I’m gonna be adding about four drops now even though the
recipe calls for five. I’m gonna just hold off a little bit on that one. Because that’s a very strong old and it’s a so hot oils. So I’m not sure that
would be something I would want to be inhaling a lot of now the orange is
going to be my top notes. So in this case I’m going to add quite a bit more. I’m
gonna be adding about six to eight drops. See how fast that comes out. Alright so
now I’m going to use my glass stir rod to blend my holes together and check and
make sure that it’s something that’s very pleasing. Because mine is more for
emotional support. So this would be something that I could carry in my
pocket and maybe I just feel like I just want to get up you know just uplifting
feeling maybe when you’re in a traffic jam you just want something to help calm
you down. So that smells really nice now I’m going
to be adding this cotton. Now if I was to add the oil some here I would be using
this in here. But in this case since it’s just
a little bit of oil. I’m going to go ahead and just slide this in here using
my song so I’m going to go ahead and just absorb this all up into the cotton
and then I’m going to add just place this right inside here. Okay so I don’t
have to touch it again and we’re going to put that cap on the end this is the
but and now you can put your top on. And carry it with you and so this is just
something that you can just use carry with you. These are great for if someone
who suffers maybe from anxiety or maybe has nausea. Maybe if someone who’s
pregnant and you know just needs something to help carry them. You know.
Through those first trimester during there’s morning sickness times or
someone who has a cold and flu and so there’s so many applications for this and so easy to make. You can use this about three to five times a day. Now I
want you to to make sure that you record your recipe down in your workbook. Okay
so let’s look at page 92. We’re gonna go ahead and use the report form to record
the number of drops of oil, the purpose of their blend, how long it took you to
make it and if it works okay. Because you want to come back to this later and
check that this activity is on page 165 in your textbook so take a look at that
for more details.

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