how to make an ultrasonic humidifier,circuit diagram

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I will not hide anything and will try to present to you do humidifier circuit nebulizer circuit mounting supplements: you use transistor BU 406 or D613 I would draw diagrams J473 you can replace capacitors by capacitors 333 or 473 should have the right speakers quartz piezoelectric ceramic ultrasound Variable resistors can be replaced by a 5k or 10k the initial circuit incomplete but it’s all simple but it takes me a few days pondering the study design I’m not hiding anything and there is no intention to trade I will try to present to you can do fireproof paper however, you can do on cardboard You had to watch the new video from beginning to end do because then I have edited and supplemented on the diagram D613 or BU 406 the image you track

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  1. kardeş öncelikle selamın aleyküm burada 30 vong ne oluyor ? 30 wong = ? Henry ? Please give me answer and thx for sharing , very good!

  2. thank you for responding, but i have a problem , i made this by Piezoelectric speaker and 7.2v 250 mili amper dc power supply but i doesnt work, can you help me?

  3. i used this,d.ZGg
    i couldnt find another

  4. Hi mr. first of all, your video is very good thanks a lot. I used 24V 1A adaptor for piezoelectric transducer but it didn't work. Can you help me to find the problem?

  5. thank you my friend!i used 500uh it doesnt work good after some secounds transistor becomes very hot and smells. what can i do?

  6. Hello , I want to ask you questions about devices that form the circuit (inductor, resistors, etc.), so can you please email me  ([email protected])  I would be really grateful for your contact. Thank you so much for the wonderful video.

  7. Thanks for replying all my questions, I'm really grateful for your kindness.These are my questions.1.meaning of 'K' next to the switch, and can I just connect the node without using a switch device?2. What is the frequency of the circuit (I mean the value for piezoelectric device to be active), and how would I measure the frequency?3. Are you supplying 24V (DC voltage) or pulsating voltage? Would it be fine to give 24V by using adapter?Thank you so much!

  8. hi sir, have u whatsapp contact?
    i was build like your schematic, but i'm not congratulate, what's wrong? i use 2A transformer, 4 dioda to rectifier but not use elco..

  9. Hi, I make a circuit using NE555 timer and I generate a frequency of 1,6Mhz. is it effective or not? tell me soon please thank's …

  10. hello sir, i am not able to understand your language can you please help me to understand this video, more important, where do i find the piezo plate

  11. Alfred , I collect all components except bu406 and capacitor 101 , can I n3055 or bec8082 or any other transistor and cap replace with 102??

  12. Very nice video, I liked, you're good but I consider that if we are finding these electronic videos is why you know that we know they about to do it on a pcb, universal pcb or wiring, handling electronic components, data sheets and buying things, simbology, etc, but Never If people who wants a humidifier and this does not find interesting in electronic then they will buy, do for help from third parties, if possible probably DIY but this last case is rare because that everything it implies

  13. Hi Alfred, please help me. Are this a correct piezo : I use these piezo, and it's not work.

  14. Como se llama el ultimo componente que que usas , el de color blanco ? Si pudieras darme la lista de los componentes que usas seria genial , espero que me ayudes .

  15. Although the circuit is very useful and I find it incredible, I must say that I've been trying for a month to work and nothing. I have changed the source several times and what I achieve is that the transistor will warm up (any of the suggested ones). I only have to change the piezoelectric … is my only hope … however I get many doubts about its operation …

  16. Hello Alfred, I HV built the same circuit as yours however I am unable to get atomization. Can u tell me how you providing supply power to the oscillator circuit. Also please mention the current and voltage rating for your curcuit. I am getting 0.22 ampere current from the circuit . Thanks, bharat

  17. Love your project, but still something that I wonder. If I don't use the enclosure of the piezoelectric, will it just work fine? Thank you

  18. Please,it is time to improve on your project by providing download link to your circuit because the circuit not clear in your video and more also English version

  19. Nice D.I.Y
    But for me i dnt have any electronic materials like capacitor and resistor. Ill just buy a 350 pesos mist maker. I like you're diagram anyways.

  20. I AM quite confused about the circuit diagram i am working with my final year project can u please help me out … provide the circuit diagram

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