How to Make Inhaler With Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stuffy Nose

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Hey everybody this is Rebecca Totilo with Aroma Hut Institute and today I want to try to teach you guys about how
to make aroma inhalers. Now I’m gonna cheat a little bit because I found this
wonderful kit that’s been put out by DIY Essential Oil Products. Or products I should say. They have these kits that are put together so you can do your
own make and take classes. But I love them because it just makes everything so easy. All you have to do is get your product and your essential oils and that’s all you
need. So I’m going to put that away for a second. Now with an inhaler these are you know you can probably could find these on Amazon, I will share the link below.
But basically you have about three or four pieces to it, so you have your
cover, your inhaler, the wick and then the end. But that you would insert in the
bottom. What’s great about inhalers is you do not need a carrier oil, all you
need is your essentials and I love that. They’re easy to carry with you they’re
light they’ve already got the blend. Next up all you do is put it in your purse or
your pocket and you can take it with you. Now this is great for a school kids who want to have their scent with blend with them
to help them if they have maybe have a head cold or need something for
focus and clarity. This is wonderful because then it doesn’t have a spray go all over the room and affect other people. It’s a personal inhaler so only they’re
the ones who are going to be inhaling it and smelling the scent. Another great
thing is that this makes it so much easier when you’re traveling because you
don’t have to take all of your bottles with you. You can actually just take a
few of these and have them on hand ready to use anytime. So this particular product, I got, actually came with the invitation. So you can send them out for parties. I love these slick nice glossy labels so
they came with so I get to use these and then it has a little handout sheet that
you can give to your guests if you’re using it in a group. This particular one
is 10 full sets with 12 recipe labels so that’s 120 products that you could make. So you could actually make these for your friends family share them it get as
gifts or maybe I though wedding shower or baby shower or something like that. By
the way this is no promo I don’t get paid to tell you about these products, I
just thought it’s a great way for me to share with you how to make the inhalers. So what I’m going to do is go ahead and pick a recipe from each category and
this one is body mind and soul and it says just breathing because that’s how
easy it is. I mean you just have to breathe them in you don’t have to do
anything. You know you can use it as needed anytime. I would have loved to
have had these when I was traveling abroad, because you know how you’re in the air like a airplane and the air gets very dry and you need to keep inhaling something throughout the trip because of how it dries you out. So I’m
going to make the first one. It’s called Clear Airways. Now they suggest that you
go ahead and add your label first before you get your essentials out because of
the you know losing that sticky part on the back of it. So I’m just going to roll
it right on the cover here and it has the ingredients listed so anyone who
uses it will know immediately you know they can read about it and see what’s in
the contents of this for inhalers. I would suggest you use maybe 15 to 18
drops and we’re going to be applying it to the wick. So that means it’s going to
directly go here on this week but first we want to add up here. So let’s look at
this recipe it calls for five drops of eucalyptus. Let’s see which I I know. If you’ve never smelled it, it’s pretty powerful. So we’re
just going to go ahead and just add it to our glass bowl. Wow it smells so good ! Then it adds four drops of lemon now you can use any of your favorite essential oils. But I have found I’m using that to DoTERRA right now one two three four because they are pure. And then it says to add four drops of peppermint. Two, three, four. And
it’s okay if you make a mistake and add more. It’s not a problem. And Rosemary
we’re going to add two drops. If you’ve ever smelled rosemary you know it’s pretty
powerful and it can be very overwhelming. So what I’m going to do is use my
tweezers. I’m going to just drop my wick in here and I’m just gonna soak up those
oils into the wick. Now I have had my inhalers last up to a year or more. In
fact I think I found an old one in my purse one day and I opened it up and it
still had a nice strong scent to it. You don’t want to store them in a hot car or
anything like that but yeah if you keep them sealed they’ll last a long time. So
what we’re going to do is take the body of the inhaler and just drop this right
in. Then we’re just going to put our little cap on the end and then you can
just put your top back on it and store it like this. There we go. Alright, so to
use it it’s very simple you’re simply going to close one nostril inhale deeply
this one is to clear the passageways help with the respiratory. And just store it and use it as needed. Isn’t that easy? Let’s go ahead and make a
couple of more because I love these and they’re so so simple. This one is called
Keep Calm now. Mama needs this one really bad. So I’m going to go ahead and get
another one out. If you look on Amazon you’ll probably
find that there are other types of inhalers that you can get. For instance,
you can get the real pretty shiny ones they’re about the size of a lipstick tube. So this one actually you would need a dropper to add the oils
into the little holes here this one. Let me see if it does… oh yeah… it does open
up. Okay good. So you actually have a glass canister in here and I could
actually add the oils into here now that holds quite a bit.You do not want to put
that much in there though because you know what’s going to end up pouring out. I in fact one time had one on an airplane and I overfilled it, not
realizing and I got in the airplane opened it up and it was spilling into my
purse and everyone on the airplane started going what’s that smell? What’s
that smell? You know so I was just sort of ducking low because I don’t want
anybody knows me. So anyway let’s go ahead and make our Keep Calm now this
one calls for… let’s go move these aside. This one calls for a Clary sage. Now
actually you know what instead of using the same bowl because I do have a little
bit of that in there. I’m gonna go ahead and get a new cleaning bowl. Let’s go
with three drops of Clary sage. I love Clary sage it’s just one of my favorites. One, two, three. Actually that was four, wasn’t it? We need five drops of
lavender. One, two, three, four, five. Again it’s okay if you add a couple more. This
one actually has marjoram in it so four drops of marjoram. Marjoram is a great
helps lower blood pressure. One, two, three, four. And Ylang Ylang, sp you know what all of these oils are hypotensive so you can actually use these to help lower your
blood pressure. Let’s go ahead and do three drops and ylang ylang is pretty
strong. So that’s the base note and it’s pretty powerful. So again you
might want to get a little stir rod to stir this up or just blend it around
we’re gonna get our wick and soak those oils up again and it hardly looks like
any oil here, but I’m sure that scent will be enough to smell it. Then there we go. Okay so we’re gonna just plop this right in here. Oops. This one is supposed to
help with anxiety and keeping you calm. Maybe if you have anxiousness or
insomnia or anything like that okay and you know what label on. Okay
let’s get our label out so we remember what it is sometimes to get lazy and
don’t want to do labels. But then you forget what it is. Okay all right. So we
just want to get that on there so it’ll leave flat. Love love these labels makes
it so much easier and then just smell oh my goodness that smells so good wow
that’s wonderful. Okay so we’ll got one more blend that I
want to try this one is for the soul and it’s called be Brave. So now this one
actually calls for Bergamot which is a citrus fruit and Clary sage another time. We’re gonna use that one which is that herb and Frankincense it’s a favorite of
everybody’s and then four drops of Geranium. Okay so to get another goal and I’m going to take another inhaler out. So you can really see just so simple how
to use these and place these there. Now I’m going to do my label first. With the bergamont that’s one of my
favorites. So we’re gonna just take this apart and put this over here. So let’s go
ahead and put our three drops of bergamont and four drops of Clary sage. or drops of Frankincense and four drops
of geranium. Now geranium is very powerful. So we’re gonna see how this
turns out otherwise I probably wouldn’t add to this quite that much. But we’ll see
how this works. Geranium is so strong it’s so overwhelming it really can
overpower any kind of blend so let’s just see how this works and geranium is. Of course one of those flowers that you either love or hate it it’s it’s very
good in all. But it is very strong so it can really be overwhelming and you can see
this one really had a lot of oil on there. And you can see the Bergamont. So
we drop that in and put our little cap on we like to make these in our Aroma Hut certification class level two. We make the inhalers because we talked about the
respiratory system. Okay that’s nice. It’s very very actually very soothing very
very very soft. It’s not overwhelming at all I’m surprised that this is very nice
so it’s called be braised. So I guess if you were maybe feeling a little bit of
fright of fear this would be a great one to have with you as well so those are
three and hailers that you can make they’re great to use for children
because there’s no spilling drops. There’s no handling of the oils.They
don’t need to touch them because the case is secure and it’s tight they’re
not able to get into it. And then just inhale and take it away if it’s
overwhelming there you know and they fill it is too much just pull it away
from their face and use only when you need to. So these kits are pretty great. I
think that the labels are wonderful and they’re easy to make and easy to do. Of
course you don’t need the kit you can go home and make your own using any of your favorite oils and create your own blends. We hope that helps you and answers your
questions if you’d like to learn more about aromatherapy visit their website
at And don’t forget to subscribe to our
channel so you can watch more informative videos like this. Let us know
how you like this and leave a comment below. Thanks!

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