How to Manage Food Allergies : Fasting to Treat Food Allergies

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Hi, I’m Dr. Tammy Ruefli on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here to talk to you about food allergies and how to deal with them. You can
also assist your body and removing of these unwanted accumulated toxins by doing it fast.
You can do a short fast perhaps twenty four hours and simple drink filtered or distilled
water with fresh squeeze lemon juice. If you choose to do a little bit longer fast or working
fast say three to four days there is a recipe that of a drink that you can take while you
are working. It consist of fresh squeezed lemon juice, preferably organic if you can
and dash of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of maple syrup. You can drink all day long
as much as you want and that would be something to replenish you while you fast. Of course
don’t take any strenuous physical activity, now if you choose to really go for the gusto
can do a long fast and there are health practitioners known as natural hygienist that supervise
these longer fast. That simply tells you drinking about two liters of distilled water everyday
and of course they will be monitoring you and checking your vital signs. I actually
have done one of these and I would highly recommend it, everyone should experience that
once in their lives.

3 thoughts on “How to Manage Food Allergies : Fasting to Treat Food Allergies

  1. Hi,
    I brought fasting into my regime 20 years ago, EVERYTIME I feel those allergies creep up, I fast! I am on a 3 day fast right now as I write this, after 36 hours, the itchy eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose ALL disappear. Eating an organic vegan diet, with lots of raw foods and juicing, also help maintain my allergy free state. HOW WONDERFUL to avoid all drugs and just let the body do it's wonderful cleansing job!!!
    Natural Hygiene has contributed great things to us!

  2. Yes, all my allergies are gone. Now I do 2 fasts a week. Wednesday, 36 hours and Friday 24 hours. The 24 hour fast is easy just two meals are missed. My allergies have been gone for many years and if I feel them come on, I just fast. I am no longer a vegan, I am following D'Adamo's work: Eat Right For Your Type. Hope that helps.

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