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Hi, I’m Dr. Tammy Ruefli on behalf of Expert
Village, I’m here to talk to you about food allergies and how to deal with them. Another
topic that I like to cover are probotics. They are the friendly bacteria that reside
in your intestines. They are also know as intestinal flora, probiotics are very beneficial,
they are precurses to enzymes they create enzymes for your body. Also they eliminate
toxins and they strengthen your immune system, so probioitcs are vital. Unfortunately stress,
medications such as antibiotics destroy probiotics and leave your body depleted. Therefore, I
highly recommend that you obtain some probiotics known as otherwise flora to assist your body
and replenish it. Also you can find foods that are fermented such as sauerkraut, mizzo,
and kimchi these have natural probiotics in them which will assist your body.

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