How to Manage Food Allergies : Using Stomach Yoga to Treat Food Allergies

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Hi, I’m Dr. Tammy Ruefli on behalf of Expert
Village I’m here to talk to you about food allergies and how to deal with them. Another
way you can assist your body in digesting is to try this yoga exercise specifically
designed to aide and digestion. You can either sit across like this on the floor or you can
find a stool or a chair that does not have a back. As you sit up tall take your hands
to your shins, take a deep breath in and begin to lean forward slightly. Start to take your
body towards the left and exhale around your spine as much as you can and roll all the
way around for a full circle. Continue doing this movement clockwise eleven times, pivot
after your eleventh round counter clockwise and take it clockwise to the right. This movement
also helps to realign your elsquel valve.

3 thoughts on “How to Manage Food Allergies : Using Stomach Yoga to Treat Food Allergies

  1. This is ridiculous – do you know what a real food allergy does to the body? The only thing that will reverse an anaphylactic reaction is an Epipen. You are doing a real disservice by saying you can treat food allergies with yoga…

  2. those who do not understand ayurveda would question this video,allergies are a result of incomplete digestion of food,or due to negative emotions in the body,each organ in the belly is related to a negative emotion,when one is angry or is in grief or emotionally disturbed digestion is bad,these undigested food particles cause an immune system response in the body.

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