How to Naturally Treat Asthma

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Hey, guys, Dr. Axe here, founder of
and Doctor of Functional Medicine. In this video, I’m going to share with you the top
herbs and supplements and diet to naturally treat asthma. If you’ve ever struggled with
asthma, you know that it can be really a debilitating condition. It can really affect your life
in many different ways. People can really sort of live in fear of having that asthma
attack. But I will tell you this, that there are some things you can do that can really
help eliminate asthma by about 99%, if you follow the steps that I lay out for you in
this video. The first thing you want to do if you have
asthma is take a good look at your diet and eliminate foods that cause food sensitivities
and foods that really cause your body to produce more phlegm. So food sensitivities, the most
common ones include things like wheat products or grains. Any type of grain, for the most
part, especially gluten-containing grains, those can cause food sensitivities. Dairy
products, especially because of A1 casein, found in a lot of conventional dairy, that
can cause food sensitivities. Also things like soy and corn and peanuts, those can cause
food sensitivities. You may even go and get a testing done to
get an IgG and an IgE antibody test done, to see what foods you’re reacting to. It’s
something that most doctors can do, especially a doctor of functional medicine. You can go
see them, and they can lay out this test for you. Or in fact, you can even look up IgG
test online on Google, and you can actually find a test and take it at home and get your
results back in a couple of days. So number one, know your food sensitivities. Number two, eliminate foods that cause phlegm
buildup, especially sugar, excess sugar consumption, along with dairy, and then even things like
bananas. Those things are phlegm producing. Eliminate those from your diet. Now, the diet that you want to follow to help
eliminate any type of phlegm and help reduce asthma symptoms is going to be a diet that’s
going to be high in vegetables, fruits, easily digestible protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.
So vegetables and fruits, the reason they’re beneficial, they’re not going to cause you
to produce phlegm. Also, they’re high in enzymes and phytonutrients, which help eliminate phlegm
and really open up your airways, and they reduce inflammation. Especially, citrus fruits
are great. Pineapple is great. But again, loading up on the vegetables and fruits should
be the core of your diet. The next thing would be think warm foods like
bone broth soup. Those warming foods help open up your capillaries. They are very easy
to digest. So a big bone broth soup is an ideal meal for somebody. Bone broth soup is
great because bone broth contains amino acids of proline and glycine, and glycine really
helps support the liver, also supports the lungs, helps open up those airways. So again,
if you’ve ever heard chicken soup is good for the soul or chicken soup is good when
you’re sick, the reason being is when you’re sick, think about it, you’ve got congested
sinuses, bronchitis, and congested chest, and bone broth helps open up those airways.
So a bone broth soup on a regular basis should also be at the core of your diet. And last, but not least, omega-3 fatty-acid-rich
foods, chia seeds, flax seeds, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, getting more omega-3 reduces
inflammation and can definitely help asthma. Now, the top supplements you want to consider,
if you really want to support your body in healing asthma, are going to be quercetin
is one of the best. Quercetin is found in citrus fruits, so adding in oranges and grapefruit
and lemon and those sort of fruits into your diet, a great place to start with asthma typically. Also, the supplement bromelain, bromelain
actually does come from the core of a pineapple, so consuming some pineapple, you’re going
to get some bromelain. Or you can take a bromelain supplement. There’s also a supplement combination that’s
powerful, effective at treating asthma, and that’s a combo of N-acetyl-L-cysteine and
vitamin C. N-acetyl-L-cysteine, or NAC, is the precursor to glutathione, and glutathione
is an antioxidant that really helps support respiration and detoxification of your lungs.
So N-acetyl-L-cysteine, typically about 500 milligrams, with vitamin C, that combination
of NAC with vitamin C is a powerful combination at actually helping heal asthma. And then last thing I want to mention here
with asthma is also taking essential oils that can support the airways. If you are having
asthma issues, sometimes taking a mixture of peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil can be
beneficial. But you always want to test it on your body first because for most people,
it helps open up their lungs, but I know sometimes people with asthma, they tend to react to
different things. And that’s a similar thing with the citrus fruit. I mentioned that quercetin
is amazing, typically, for people with asthma, but again, if you’re sensitive to something,
you obviously do not want to use that if you have asthma. But again, if you can follow those tips, I
guarantee you’re going to see great results in relieving your asthma. If you want to learn
more about natural asthma treatments, cures, and remedies, make sure to check out the Dr.
Axe website. Just search asthma. That’s Also, hey, make sure you subscribe here to
our YouTube page. I’ve got a lot more videos coming out on natural cures using food as
medicine. Hey, guys, this has been Dr. Axe. Thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “How to Naturally Treat Asthma

  1. Many people GET asthma from bone broth! Probably from histamine. And citrusfruit gives me horrible asthma! Also coconut products..

  2. interesting points ,if anyone else wants to discover asthma treatments try Knewreck Asthma Eradicator Guide (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  3. Wow I thought I had nasal polyps but nope I have this now I know what I have smh I remember back then in 2003 I had Asthma what I did I eat lots of Omega 3 and pineapple orange juice and in 1 year my Asthma went away but to be honest I didn't knew I had it now I know I had all the symtoms of Asthma now again Asthma came again so is all about the food we eat now I'm going to eat healthy so that it goes away I knew I had something back then but didn't knew what was it smh I wish Asthma didn't exist I know I'll get better what I did back then I'll be doing again also I eat tuna and did allot of exercise but I did lose weight but since my inflammation inside went away I started eating pizza and all kind of crap

  4. What also helps me today is I use this essential oil name Eucalyptus Lemon as soon as i out 2 drops or 3 in a diffuser I start feeling better is the only essential oil that helps me also lavender french and helps but not only helps with breathing it helps me with anxiety and depression and panic attacks I don't have none of that anymore the only thing that is left is the Asthma the inflammation inside the nose I'm do everything I did in 2003 to get better I know it will work

  5. I used to have asthma and I cured it using natural herbs ! Here is what I used !

  6. when I EXERCISE i have a dry cough, i fell like my legs are spaghetti, i fall to the ground, my chest gets tighter, i have a runny nose, my throat hurts, i can't breath, and sometimes i wheeze. it gets worse in cold weather and sometimes when the pollen count is high. is this asthma and should i go to the doctor?

  7. Why are bananas bad for asthma/bronchitis? How would you know if they are causing issues? How can we know if they trigger it in our toddler?

  8. I used to have asthma with my twins sister and it was hawful but luckly we got cured by the age of seven which was very rare but we really had strong asthma attacks. I wanted to learn this so that in the future i can prevent it for my children if they had it and also i plan to be a docter so this will help out alot

  9. Doctor giggling make sure you having fun in time and consideration for any reason to glucose levels and help find all of this interesting. Not drink after other people and not do yard work and stay away from animals and always wash your hands and fingers. Some people need to wear body suit.

  10. Today 29 july 2018 i woke up at 3am and had problems breathing, i had to hospital and had asthma treatment. Thanks to Allah trought medicine i got well.
    After seeing the video, i even laughed because he said the 2 culprits of my asthma, i has been some weeks and i always have banana with milk, i am 22 and first time ever to have asthma issues.
    Now i am taking medicine and i will stop doing it.

    Thanks alot

  11. To stop asthma use lip reflex. Pressing lip together opens up lung airways and training lips cures asthma. Conversely asthmatic breathing with open mouth and slack lips causes asthma. Sleep with mouth shut.

  12. I have asthma and silent reflux, can’t eat oranges, lemons and pineapple even if they are good for asthma as they are acidic. It’s a pain to deal with one condition and having to worry about the side effects from another condition. Sigh

  13. I have had asthma for past 4 years and it has messed my life up completely……doctors cant help… so depressed

  14. Oh I've been doing it all wrong.i thought you were suppose to eat to survive. Guess i was wrong. I'll stop eating tomorrow then

  15. Do you know more about asthma? Share your thoughts and ideas to other people. You can visit this link post any thoughts regarding asthma.

  16. I had asthma for a long time until yesterday it got worse I can barely sleep and I’m really worried because I have had this before and it’s a lot of pain

  17. warm water and food. Warm baths. Head shower only in morning and hair dried right after. Avoid oily foods, packed foods, sugary foods, white flour, sour tasting foods, peanuts, dairy products, chocolate, white bread. Heavy food in morning, moderate amounts for lunch and very light foods at night. Dinner before 7pm. Do not apply oil to scalp. Have more vegetables, multi grain foods, add turmeric, black pepper, ginger and garlic in diet.use air dehumidifier in bedroom.

  18. MY BREATHING IS CURED! Not a joke. Long story short, I went gluten free and got my breathing back but I will tell the full story in a comment reply to this comment. (Celiac Disease)

  19. People talk about food allergies which is fair enough but some people may need to look at the home they are living in .Does it gather excess dust or mold ? Do they have clean air circulating? I know once I looked started getting rid of dust and allergins in my home I recovered faster.

  20. I am trying breathing exercises. First, I clean my nose and i inhale kind of Eucaliptus etc.
    Then i work out helped with my arms. I fill my lungs, with different exercises and lung parts.
    I do it morning and evening and its really helping.

    Thanks to all for your information

  21. Hi Dr. Axe.
    The problem with asthma is the permanently misleading sham or fake and overly doctor-friendly research. Merely pressing the lips together on stopping asthmatic mouth breathing relaxes the chest airways by a reflex (acupressure). Belly breathing is also important. A touch of Trumpism and/or Kant would do no harm here.

  22. Avoid wheat, gluten, grain, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, sugar, bananas, …

    Eat veggies, fruits, omega 3s, …
    Citris, pineapple, bone broth soup …
    Chia seeds, flax, wild caught fish …

  23. Very interested ordering the food sensitivity tests for both me and my son. Do you recommend a good brand/site to order from??

  24. Hi, if you have eosinophillic asthma what else to eat because citrics are bad also if gluten and banana, strawberry as well what else do I eat, can someone help any ideas please. Thank you!

  25. Asthma Survey
    I'm a Registered Respiratory Therapist researching Asthma and Allergies and have a few questions pertaining to my research and your input is greatly appreciated. Parents or Guardians please respond for each child. Once the survey is done I will discuss the results on this forum along with the latest research on this topic. Thanks!
    Go here for Google Forms Survey:

  26. Please please please try swimming. The breaststroke and backstroke are the best. They help to regulate and control your breathing. I have asthma and swim 5 x a day for 1 Mile. You don’t have to be idle anymore. Join a gym and if they have an outdoor pool all the better.

  27. 4:26 “Essential Oils”? LOL! Any “Doctor” that suggest “essential oils” is obviously not a MEDICAL doctor (MD).

  28. My kids are on lots of asthma medication for mild asthma… montekulast brown inhaler etc… and they are constantly at the doctors with infections. I have said to my doctor the medication does not seem to be working and making them worse but they say keep taking it. My gut tells me this isn’t helping them. They get headaches stomach aches tiredness they catch every bug going and have been on numerous antibiotics and steroids this year… any advice anyone 💖

  29. My friend got rid of asthma. It took 2 years. He started playing floorball. So he had training four times a week. Now he's thin and healthy.
    Both options (diet or excercise) is too much for me. My healthy diet conclude almost everything what's wrong (dairy, banana, etc.) and I can't excercise that much. When I lost weight I had been upset even with excercising three times a week.

  30. I'm 51 and dont have flem issues, breathing issues happens after I eat, BUT I burp a couple times I get instant relief, but I dont alway burp and I end up using my inhalers to breath better. Any idea's what to take to help my food go down better, because I think this is the issue even though I had asthma since I was 8…..I'm not so sure that's what it is now.

  31. Everybody's asthma is different and triggered and soothed by different things. This guy is trying to sell something – probably supplements.

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