How to Optimize AMD Radeon for gaming (best Settings)

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What’s going on guys, today we gonna be
show you, how to optimize your AMD Radeon Settings for better gaming performance. And before
we begin, this method is only for the latest AMD drivers, the adrenaline edition, so if
you are running the previous edition of AMD graphics drivers, such as catalyst or crimson.
I recommend you to uninstall those drivers completely from your computer, and get the
latest adrenaline edition drivers for your particular GPU from the official source. So
hope you all installed the latest edition AMD graphics drivers at this point.
So Let’s being, right click on your desktop and choose AMD Radeon Settings.
Which will bring us to the AMD Radeon Settings window. And the first thing you have to do
here is to make sure you are running the latest version of your graphics drivers. And you
can do that by going to the update tab, then click on check for updates. If you found any,
go for it and get it update. Because the latest drivers are always a key to better performance.
Now let’s go ahead and optimize the AMD settings. Click on the gaming tab, then click on Global
settings, and once you are here click on the reset button, now choose graphics settings,
then click on yes, it will reset everything back to default, so if you are previously
messed up any settings here, it will not affect our new optimization process.
So let’s start. First, you gonna need to go to the Anti-aliasing mode, now choose Override
application settings, which reveals Anti-aliasing level settings, so make sure you are selected
2X Level Option from here. Now go to Anisotropic Filtering and turn it on which will bring
us the Antistropic Filtering Level, and again make sure you are selected the least of the
setting, which is the 2X option again. Now go to texture filtering quality, by default, it
is set as standard, but I recommend you to choose performance option.
Now go to Wait for vertical refresh, it’s not something new, but the same old v-sync
or vertical sync. So I recommend you to Choose the option Always off for vertical sync. Now
go to tessellation mode, and as you can see it set to AMD optimized option by default,
at this point the tessellation process will always run at the maximum level, which is
64X but It can definitely have a negative impact
on the performance, especially if you are running games on a low-end card. So I recommend
you change the AMD optimized option to Override application settings, then the Maximum tessellation
level settings will reveal to you, so click on it and choose 32x or lower, but beware
decreasing most of these settings below a certain level may result in a loss in quality.
And that’s all we can do to optimize the AMD settings for better gaming or boost fps
So hope you all experiencing a performance boost in your games by doing this optimization.
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100 thoughts on “How to Optimize AMD Radeon for gaming (best Settings)

  1. Thanks for the tips, been crashing on Rocket League and I'm looking for any possible fix and applying them all.

  2. This is the best my computers been working with all these settings although I did notice a slight choppiness still. Any suggestions?

  3. playing mafia ii , I have core i5 6th gen 2.6ghz 4 cores, 8gb ddr4 ram, amd radeon m430 2gb still games are lagging

  4. First of, I'm an AMD user and I disliked your video because the settings you implemented makes no sense whatsoever.
    If you don't come up with explanations to why you did these changes, they make no sense.
    Because when you override a setting, by using 2x AA or 2x anisotropic filtering, you are simply choosing to ignore the game/app setting in favor of the gpu choice, and not always you will have a computer that will allow you to have AA or a high anisotropic filter (even tho this last one is hardly a performance issue).
    So it doesn't really make sense. If I play AC Origins and I don't have enough vram/gpu power to make it work with AA why would I want it to be 2x the standard option?
    Makes no sense.

  5. عندي مشكل في كرت غرفيك
    عندي اتنين كرت غرفيك amd r6 1gb و and r7 m265 2gb
    عندما اشغل لعبة ما تشتغل فقط ب and r6 1gb

  6. That's not optimizing. Half of the settings are either not working or working for specific games only. And the ones you can change, you set them poorly.

    AA Option= Do not override! Do not set it globally! It will not work on any game higher than DirectX 9.

    Anisotropic Filtering = Set it to 16x for any card younger than 5 years. 8x for the rest. It is done with special hardware and have negligible impact on performance. Most of the time it can not even be seen in the benchmarks.

    Texture Filtering = Performance. That one is correct.

    Surface Format Optimization = Off. It's for older games, none of them really can give hard time to any hardware today. Plus, it's performance effect is negligible.

    Wait for Vertical Refresh = Do not touch it glabally. Set it to "Enhanced Sync" per game, if your card supports it.

    Open GL Triple Buffering = On. If you want to play Open GL and Vulkan games like Doom and Wolfenstein, it will help.

    Tesellation Mode = Override, 16x for younger cards, 8x for older cards. 32x is too much. This is the most important section. This is where Nvidia tries to bomb AMD. Nvidia cards are better at tesellation than AMD cards and every Nvidia supported game that have high level of tesellation, just to make it work worse on AMD hardware. 8-16x limit saves the hardware. Plus, in a high resolution game, you will not notice the difference after 16x. However, do not go lower than 8x or some games will create faulty geometry, The Witcher 3 for example, is infamous about this.

  7. You fixed everything wrong I’ve had with my pc. First video I watched that helped fixed FPS lag in destiny 2 and pubg. Ty very much. I almost bought a new gpu, motherboard, and cpu Lul. Ty again

  8. After doing this my games are still lagging. Anyone know how to go about to avoid game lagging?
    Just started using radeon so everything is quite new

  9. Im my laptop video,relive & display option is not showing up.
    Only gaming,connect & system only can i get those above option.can anyone tell me.

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  11. Should I update my ryzen APU driver ,thought not released on laptops mfg site but available in radeon menu.

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