How to prevent asthma attacks

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Asthma attacks can be very
devastating for a patient and also may result
in a hospital admission. So it’s really important to try
and prevent an attack occurring and there are several things that we
can do to help with this. Firstly is adherence or compliance
with inhaler medications. Generally, inhalers are very
effective preventing asthma attacks. Clearly, it’s very important that
the asthma inhaler is used correctly and something that I spent
some time with my patients is to make sure that they have the full knowledge about how
to use their asthma inhaler correctly. So use of an inhaler regularly and correctly
is a really important part of this. In addition, many patients with asthma
will benefit from having a flu vaccine which can be had annually as well as the Pneumovax vaccine which may
prevent against pneumonia which is often administered
every 10 years. Finally, many people with asthma
will realize that there are triggers other than infections
that make their asthma worse. So for example, exposure to
dust or certain pets. In this situation clearly, it would be helpful to avoid those precipitants
as much as possible.

One thought on “How to prevent asthma attacks

  1. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables.
    Drink water more.
    Avoid fried,oily and junk foods.
    Avoid meat at all cost.
    Take sun shine.
    God sun cures us.
    Deep breathing.

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