How to Prevent Cat Allergy Symptoms — From the makers of ZYRTEC®

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Cats are fluffy, furry, cuddly, and the leading
cause of pet allergies in the U.S. You can be exposed to cat allergens like dander and
saliva without even knowing it – like on the clothes of family and friends who own cats
or from a stray roaming your yard. If you have cat allergies, the best way to help prevent
symptoms is by avoiding cats. But if you visit a home with cats, take allergy medicine with
you. During your visit, ask that the cat be kept away from you and when you get home,
change and wash your clothes. If you have a cat, reduce your exposure at home by declaring
bedrooms, furniture, and counters “pet-free” zones. Also ask someone else to clean the
litter box. All cats produce dander, so there is no such thing as a naturally hypoallergenic
cat. If you have cat allergies, a pet without fur or feathers might be a better option.
But before adopting any pet, consider a trial run to see how you react. Use these tips to
help prevent cat allergy symptoms from striking before they even start. Visit Zyrtec-dot-com
for more tips and tools to manage your allergies.

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