How To Prevent Common Lung Diseases & Maintain Healthy Lungs

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boy our lungs sure are important they
help us breathe and if they’re not doing their job well we die that’s why it’s so
scary when you hear about all the bad things that can happen to them what’s
that you’re unfamiliar with these things well today here on bestie we’re going to
go over some of the worst lung diseases as well as some ways that you can clean
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subscribe to our Channel anyway let’s talk lungs or more specifically lung
diseases there are a lot of awful things that can happen to them so let’s dive
right in and explore them for educational purposes obviously number
one asthma this is one you’ve probably already heard of in fact you probably
know someone who suffers from it however we think we should at least talk about
it because of how common it is Live Well defines asthma as a common chronic
respiratory condition that causes difficulty breathing due to inflammation
of the Airways the symptoms include dry cough wheezing chest tightness and
shortness of breath there is usually a pretty big
correlation between asthma and allergies especially environmental allergies
you’ll want to get an inhaler if you have asthma because it increases your
quality of life a whole lot number two chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
COPD all right now we’re getting into the lesser known diseases in actuality a
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is actually a blanket term for a bunch of
different diseases if it involves breathlessness the inability to exhale
normally if you experience shortness of breath or if you’re normally coughing up
mucus and you probably have some sort of
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease according to the American Lung
Association COPD is the third leading cause of death in the u.s. also there’s
a good chance you have COPD if you’re a smoker
according to famous pulmonologist Jim Meier this disease is generally
associated with cigarette smoking it’s rare to see people with COPD who haven’t
been exposed to some sort of smoking people can experience varying severity
levels of COPD at its most severe it can cause people difficulty doing everyday
activities sounds terrible number three chronic bronchitis believe it or not
chronic bronchitis is actually a form of COPD you can recognize it by its
distinct chronic cough you’re often coughing up sputum or mucus when you
have chronic bronchitis as well luckily there are medications to help you get
rid of this awful infection although one of the best cures is to give up smoking
if you happen to number four emphysema yet another type of chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease but this one is much more serious those who suffer from
emphysema have trouble exhaling air from their lungs and the most usual cause of
this disease is smoking the smoke from cigarettes damages the air sacs in your
lungs and eventually they’ll get to the point where they can’t repair themselves
anymore while there is no cure you’ll have much less a chance of developing it
if you don’t smoke or if you stop right now
number five lung cancer the scariest thing about this common lung disease is
that it’s hard to detect although live well reports that most
often the cancer develops in the main part of the lungs near the air sacs what
happens during this cancer essentially is a bunch of tumors grow on your lungs
and they interfere with your regular functions once again a common risk
factor for lung cancer is smoking we’ll leave you with this sobering thought
according to the American Cancer Society lung cancer is by far the leading cause
of cancer death among both men and women in the US
pneumonia this is another lung disease that’s pretty common and luckily curable
fortunately according to live well most people recover within three weeks
unfortunately according to dr. Meyer once again it’s very dangerous for
certain types of people he says that the very young and the very old are more at
risk for pneumonia and complications associated with pneumonia patients can
be increasingly susceptible to pneumonia based on their smoking history or just
their overall immune status if they are frail or sickly they can develop
pneumonia more readily than the young healthy well nourished people if you
recognize any of these symptoms cough fever shaking chills and shortness of
breath then you might have pneumonia number seven limb fangio leiomyoma
ptosis or Lam for short is described by rare diseases network as a progressive
lung disease that predominantly affects women apparently you can find out what
limb Fangio Leo Leo mitosis is by breaking down its name the lymph is for
the lymph vessels angio is for the blood vessels Leo my is for the smooth muscle
OMA is for the tumor and ptosis is for disease so it’s essentially a tumor that
infects the lymph vessels the blood vessels and the smooth muscles don’t
worry this hard to pronounce disease is treatable with a drug that patients can
take like we said before our lungs are a vital part of our body they do a lot for
us even though many people don’t see them as part of the body we can exercise
there are steps we can take to make them work better the biggest concern is the
air we breathe it can be contaminated with many different kinds of pollutants
everything from pollen to chemicals to secondhand smoke that can stay trapped
in the air and enters our lungs granted our lungs are mostly a self-cleaning
organ but there are certain things we can do to help keep them functioning at
a high level the best way to do this would be a lung cleanse it can be very
helpful for those dealing with a health condition that causes breathing
difficulties keep watching to find out what this cleanse include
number one get yourself an air purifier the first thing you need to do when
jump-starting your lungs is to ensure that the air you’re breathing is pure
you can purchase an air purifier that will be placed in individual rooms or
you can invest in a household wide purifier that will generate air
throughout your entire house number to change your house filters if you notice
that you have trouble breathing on a constant basis in your house it might be
a good idea to check the filters and clean the vents
the most common vents to check would be the ones in your bathroom and your
heating and air conditioning vents another tip would be to change your
furnace filter at least every six months number three get rid of artificial
scents a lot of us might be thinking that we’re helping out the air in our
homes by making it smell nice with air fresheners candles and the famous wax
candle warmers but the truth is that those fragrances contain chemicals that
can actually harm the lungs even the cleaning products that you use in your
home can be harmful the best course of action is to replace all those products
with all-natural products number four enjoy the outdoors getting fresh air can
help expand the tissues in your lungs and keep them functioning properly you
can take it one step further and check the pollution forecast in your area it
would be best to avoid exercising when the pollution numbers are high and avoid
areas of burning wood and trash if you are highly concerned about pollution in
your area you could wear an air purifying mask number five breathing
exercises research and studies have shown that breathing exercises can
improve lung function especially for those who smoke or have smoked or who
have lung damage from chronic lung disease
there are tools that can help practice breathing such as a spirometer but for
those who would prefer using natural exercises you can try pursed lip
breathing and belly breathing number six practice percussion for those
who are not aware of this technique percussion can help drain out the lungs
how it works is you lie down with your head lowered you have your back tapped
lightly on your back working from the top to the bottom many patients that
deal with cystic fibrosis or pneumonia practice percussion and postural
drainage use this technique before we finish this video we should let you know
some of the risks and warnings it needs to be said that more research needs to
go behind these products and techniques that claim to cleanse the lungs but the
best way to help your lungs is to avoid the dangers that are in front of them do
not pick up the bad habit of smoking and avoid areas that have high levels of
pollution before you use any lung products make sure that you consult with
your doctor first however we here at bestie always like to
end our videos with a positive outlook for better lung health the best thing to
do is to start with prevention and make healthy life choices for example start
by quitting smoking if you’re a smoker exercising on a regular basis and eating
a nutritious diet if you do all three of those things
your lungs stand a much better chance of functioning properly than they would if
you didn’t do them and that about wraps it up what did you think of our video
was it educational at all what did you think of all the different types of lung
disease and what about our lung cleansers was there anything that you
might try out for yourself was there anything we forgot let us know
in the comments section below all the things we may have left unrecognized
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