How To Prevent Exercise-Induced Asthma

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Hey guys I’m Dr. Jason Barker with the
Natural Athletes Clinic and today I’m going to tell you how you can reduce the
incidence and the severity of exercise induced asthma. So most of you know that
asthma is a lung disease whereby the bronchioles are the little tubes that we
breathe through become constricted. And actually a large part of asthma is
inflammation too. So you have constricted and inflamed bronchioles. Now first
things first, whenever we’re dealing with asthma, we always look at diet. I’ve had
lots and lots of athletes come in the clinic over the last 18 years and we
used to do a lot of food sensitivity tests and I kind of stopped doing them on
a lot of these people because time after time, the top culprits that they are
sensitive to are dairy foods and wheat. So if you take dairy out of your diet
and/or wheat, I can guarantee you that you’re gonna have a reduced incidence of
asthma already and may not get rid of it totally, but it’ll definitely cut things
down for you quite a bit. Dairy is never a good idea for anybody
with asthma in general just because a side effect of eating dairy is that it
creates mucus in your body. And specifically in your respiratory tract.
So if you’ve got asthma your lungs are already inflamed, you’re already making
lots of mucus you add dairy on top of that, you’re adding in more mucus and of
course it’s going to be harder and harder for your lungs to exchange that
oxygen like they’re supposed to do. So cut out the dairy cut out that wheat. Now
the second thing to think about with the foods is eating lots of antioxidant rich
foods. So antioxidant rich foods are of course the very colorful foods. So think
carrots, think bell peppers, think berries. And of course don’t forget your green
leafies. We want these foods because they’re rich in the antioxidants – vitamin
A, vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc and selenium. And remember that by the mnemonic aces.
So look for foods that are rich in aces type antioxidants okay. So supplements…What supplements should you take if you suffer from asthma? First one is to get
lots of magnesium in your diet. I’ve talked about magnesium a lot in these
videos. In fact, all athletes should probably be taking magnesium because of
the relaxing effects it has on your muscles throughout your body. Now you
also have muscles around your bronchioles. Very tiny smooth muscles and
smooth muscles are the type of muscle that’s around our organs, rather than in
the skeletal system. Magnesium is actually really good at relaxing
the smooth muscles in the lung. So if you have asthma, dose up on magnesium. Make
sure you keep it constant in your system throughout the day. Second supplement to
take that’s very important is one called N-Acetylcysteine. N-Acetylcysteine or
NAC as it’s called, is an amino acid complex. And it does two really
interesting things for your lungs that will help you breathe better. First one
is it actually can thin the mucus. It breaks up those proteins that are in
that mucus, thins it so that your lungs can get that stuff out of there. You
actually have little tiny hairs inside of your bronchioles and they’re always
kind of beating to get that mucus and all the junk and the dust and all the
debris that you breathe in, up and out of your lungs. So if your mucus is thinner,
you can get that stuff out of there more readily. Okay and then the other thing
that NAC does is that it creates a very very powerful antioxidant known as
Glutathione. So Glutathione works throughout our body.
But Glutathione is also very specific for a healthy lung function. In fact in
the clinic, we can have asthmatics inhale a nebulizer, an aerosol version of
Glutathione, and it will get rid of asthma attacks very very quickly. So bump
up your NAC in your diet, and you’ll have more Glutathione and less airway
reactivity because of it. Okay third and final supplement you want to be on is
omega-3 fatty acids or fish oils. Again I think everybody should probably be on
these. And again, because they are so powerful reducing inflammation in your
body. And again, lungs are very easily inflamed part of your body. So if you’re
suffering from an inflammation anywhere it may wind up in your lung. And of
course asthmatics, we’re always dealing with the inflammation whether you’re
wheezing or not. That inflammatory process is going on in there. So get as
much omega-3 as you can in your diet. Of course from cold water fish, some nuts
and some seeds and then supplementing with a fish oil is always a good idea to
top those levels off. Good studies with reducing asthma in endurance
athletes using omega-3 fatty acids. And in fact endurance athletes like swimmers
are more susceptible to asthma because we think of the chlorine byproducts are
irritating to the lungs. And then cross-country skiers of course because
of all the cold air that they’re breathing in and out increases that
sensitivity and inflammation in their lungs. And by the way, even if you don’t
have asthma, but you go out on those cold days and you wind up with that smokers cough after being out in the cold. Use some NAC and again, it will thin
that mucus and decrease that inflammation you’ve got going on. Ok guys
I hope this helps. Try all of these tips – Make sure you do the diet. Make sure you
look for the Aces antioxidants, magnesium NAC and fish oil and I bet we’ll get rid
of your asthma. Or, will greatly decrease the incidents and the severity of your
asthma. Give us a like if you enjoyed the video. Please share it with any of your
buddies that have asthma. And of course please subscribe to our Channel.

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