How to Pronounce the English Z sound /z/ – Pronunciation Lesson

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the Z sound this sound looks and sounds like this Z it can be used in any position of a
word some examples if it’s used at the
beginning of a word zero in the middle of a word asthma and at the end of a word is the Z sound is the same as the S sound but your voice is turned on to make this consonant sound your
tongue is behind your top front teeth and your air flow will continue loudly while your voice is on Z the four mistakes that I see with the Z sound are number one the air flow stops and in this case you
would hear the D instead of Z number two the sound is not used at the end of a
word so you could hear go instead of goes number three the sound is not voiced and you could hear is instead of iz and number four the airflow may change so instead of
hearing the word zip you might hear the word gyp listen watch and practice these words with me
Z at the beginning of a word zip zero zone zoom zebra and at the end of a word as is has was compose and now in sentences he has composed a masterpiece was the zip code on the
letter this concludes the Z sound

3 thoughts on “How to Pronounce the English Z sound /z/ – Pronunciation Lesson

  1. My first language is Mandarin Chinese. When you say the z sound is the same as the s sound, but the voice from the throat is turned on, it suddenly makes the total sense to me, and I never knew it is this easy. If I describe the incorrect way that I used to pronounce the z sound, when I pronounce the z, it started with the tongue completely blocking the air and then the pronunciation of s. I would say that people who speak mandarin may have the similar problem with this. Like when people say Zai Jian 再见(see you). My American friend showed me how to say it years ago. I know that there is something off with my z, but I never know where. Thanks to your video I can say that from now on I would be able to pronounce the z right.

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