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fans are absolutely bad for your headstone and destroy you get into your arteries and block your heart that can kill you in fact if this for your life that can be devastating fat can intimidate cost Daniel that’s quite actually accurate but you should also know that not all fats are bad some are good too so the next thing that you would be doing is doing in lipid profile so how would you understand what each of these numbers mean now if you’re especially if you’re not a doctor like me you will end up with a bunch of numbers that you don’t totally understand so guys in this video I want to show you what each of these numbers mean and how you can quickly fix them if they happen to be abnormal so straight here so guys I’m considering that you have a little profile in your hand right now so the first thing that you would be doing is looking at the Torah cholesterol now if it happens to be hundred under 350 milligrams to a deciliter that that’s totally fine then you move on to the next one and that is the triglycerides so what are triglycerides they are blood fats they’re synthesized enough from your sugars or tops now if you have low triglycerides then it goes to say that you’ve been controlling your diet pretty well so everything good so far next thing is the HDL high density lipoproteins now see how I’m really stressing on the word protein it is a protein guys it is not cholesterol now LDL and HDL are two carrier proteins now think of it as a center and a periphery the center you have a liver and the periphery is your body there needs to be certain communication between these two centers by means of carrier proteins and these categories are HDL and LDL now HDL is high density lipoprotein and it’s so called the good cholesterol now LDL can be of two types LDL a and LDL B LDL in is a larger molecule LDL B is a smaller one and more dense now you can understand the smaller ones are notorious to get into small spaces and that’s what makes it really dangerous so if you have elevated LDL you really do not understand where it’s coming from it can either come from LDL a or ng LP the next question would be how do we know that now obviously there is a test available for allele a and NDL B but that’s quite expensive now you’re better off doing it in a different way and I’m going to show you a little hack now we belong to the land of India where it’s called the land of jugaad so I’m going to show you what you guard of that guy so stay tuned so guys let’s talk about the two guard that I was talking to you about so you have a situation where in your deals are higher now you do not really understand where it’s coming from is it the less dangerous LDL a or is it the more dangerous at the end B now I’m gonna show you a quick hack okay so your situation is idealist high all right keep them aside now the next thing that you should be doing is look at your HDL – triglyceride ratio in both of these happen to be going in the same direction meaning both of them going higher they’re showing a higher trend the chances are that the LDL is coming mostly from your LDL B which is a dangerous situation guys if your HDL – triglyceride ratio is both going downwards meaning both of them are lower than they should be while your allele is high then it’s probably coming from the less dangerous and a next obvious thing is what contributes to material aid and what contributes to LDL be Elliot a is primarily increased when you consume a lot of saturated fats saturated fats are really not that bad after all okay so a lil b is dangerous so where does a little b come from it comes from trans fats it comes from your processed and refined oils canola oil soil and hydrogenated fats these are the dangerous things these are the dangerous facts that I was mentioning earlier so try to avoid canola oil and soy these are really going to be bad for your overall cholesterol and lipid profile you will end up with a heart disease if you continue to consume such foods so stay healthy cultivate good habits and get fit that’s more important get healthy get fit so that’s it from here guys I hope I made some sense with regard to the lipid profile and everything if you still have any questions do let me know throw them up in the comment section I’ll be really happy to reply and also do check out my other videos on IGTV and also on YouTube go to slash drsinghtastic alright guys signing out I’ll see you in the next one


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