How to Recognize Pollen Allergy Symptoms — From the makers of ZYRTEC®

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The signs of an allergy to pollen can appear
similar to other conditions. So, what does a pollen allergy actually look like?
Symptoms like a runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing can occur with a cold. But if
you also have watery, itchy eyes, and your symptoms last longer than two weeks, then
they may be caused by an airborne allergen, like pollen. Another clue is where and when
your symptoms strike. Do they: Flare up outdoors and improve indoors? Peak around midday, when
pollen counts are usually highest? Get better after it rains, when the pollen count is low?
If you answer “yes”, then pollen may be to blame.
Seasonal symptoms can point to the specific type of pollen allergy you have. Allergies
in late winter and spring can be caused by pollinating trees, late spring and summer
may be due to grass pollen and late summer through late autumn fall within the weed pollen
cycle. Allergies to multiple types of pollen can cause symptoms that come and go throughout
the year. And when pollen allergies symptoms hit, you can head to your local Rite Aid Pharmacy
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