How to reduce seasonal allergies

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Basically what happens is you’re exposed to the allergen and your body’s immune system detects that, and overeacts to that by releasing a multitude of chemicals, most profoundly, histamine, which is why certain drugs like anti-histamines tend to block that reaction. Those chemicals then trigger the release of fluids from the blood vessels and cause runny nose, congested sinuses, itchy and runny eyes and sometimes, rash on the skin. There are certain lifestyles changes people can do. One of them is just simply trying to avoid the outdoors on high-pollen count days, so people who suffer from allergies should have a sense of what the pollen counts are, for that day. Trying to avoid direct contact with the pollen. So wear oversized sunglasses so that pollens aren’t running into your eyes directly. Wear a wide-rimmed hat so, the pollens in the air aren’t falling onto your face and onto your head. And when you get home, before you get into your bedroom, shake off your clothes. Take your clothes off before you get into bed. Take a shower. Just get all those pollens off your body so that you’re not constantly exposed to them. Avoid air-drying your clothes, so no line drying of bed sheets and things like that during these high-pollen count days. Try to avoid having a fan in your bedroom that sucks in air from the outside. and propels these allergens into your bedroom while you sleep. When you’re driving in your car and you have your air-conditioning on, try to set the re-circulation button on, so that you’re not withdrawing in air from the outside into your car. And lastly, allergy shots work quite well for some people, so you should be tested for allergies. Don’t wait until they’re severe.

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  1. My husband have seasonal allergy,he always gets runny nose,watery eyes,it even gets red and he can’t sleep at all with congestion in his nose.Can any one shares me how can I help my him

  2. Very helpful: wear glasses, a wide brim hat, recycle air in car, shower when you get home, no sucking in outside air, avoid high pollen count days.

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