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Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out my channel. Today’s topic is something that is kind of just a little tip on how to relax, because a lot of you have told me “hey Kati, can you do more breathing exercises? Can you teach us more relaxation techniques when I’m feeling anxious?” And this one is something that I used to do when I worked in the eating disorder clinic. I used to run a meditation group, and the girls hated it but it’s really helpful. And it’s something that we can do any time of day, anywhere. No one will know we’re doing it. And I think those are the best kinds of tips, right? If people can tell we’re doing it, then we’re like “ahhhh, they’ll think I’m weird.” Like on my breath of fire, I was like “you may not want to do this, because (quick loud breathing sounds)” You don’t want people to think anything’s wrong like you’re going into labor or something so this is a way to clear our mind. And they actually do it a lot in my yoga class, one of those restorative yoga classes. They’ll talk about clearing your mind before you enter the yoga feeling … I don’t know. But you have to clear your mind. And I find this really helpful when I’m trying to go to bed, so this is definitely something you can use if you’re struggling to go to sleep or if you’re just anxious during the day. Now there’s gonna be some things that will work for you and some things that won’t but the main thing that I talk about with clearing your mind is being able to like write out what’s happening What you’re thinking. Like anxiety over test tomorrow. And you write this and you see this printed on like a cloud. And that cloud floats by. And we let that go. Or some people it works on a lily pad. You write the stress like “finances for next month.” And that little lily pad that you’ve written it on floats away in the river. Right, it goes away. We get to, the thing that’s great about it is we get to express the worry and then you watch it go away. Okay, well I’ve felt it. I’ve noticed it. And I watch it float away. It’s making me tired even talking about this. Snap out of it! Wake up! But that’s a way to clear your mind. Whatever works for you. Something that I actually really liked, myself, was sparklers. I loved sparklers. Sweet Jesus, I loved sparklers. As a kid, as an adult, right now. If I could have some sparklers. Fourth of July’s coming up, oh my gosh. But you light them, and you write in the air. You know when you’re like a little kid. This is more for girls; I’m sorry guys. Where you write the person that you like. I heart Sean forever. And it just goes away. Nobody knows what you’re writing. Yea, we used to do that. So sparklers are something that works for me to clear my mind. I will write like you know “website, lots of posts, haven’t commented on all of them, I’m a jerk.” And it will float away. It goes away. Ta da! So whatever works for you. Writing in running water for some people. I know one of my clients liked to write in like rushing water. That’s what she would visualize. This obviously is visualization. Sorry, I don’t know if I said that. Because I don’t want you to use the sparklers in the middle of the night or running some water through your apartment While you try to write your ideas But you get the idea of what I’m saying You visualize yourself writing these things down, and they’re swept away. You can pretend it’s in sand, and then fwoop, you smear it out. Or the wave comes in and it washes it away. Whatever work for you as far as the visual process. I mean everybody’s different. I’m just giving you some of the things that have worked for clients of mine when I used to do that meditation class, and things that have worked for me. So give it a try. If you’re really having a tough time sleeping one night, you know, try this. If you’re feeling really anxious about something, write out what you’re feeling anxious about and kind of watch it float way. And this is why you can do it anywhere. I find it works best if you have the opportunity to close your eyes and visualize it, because you can actually go inwards versus worried about what anybody’s thinking about or noticing you or whatever. So if you can go somewhere where you can close your eyes for a minute and practice. And let us know what works. I know that these are just little tips and tricks and things, but I’ll keep sharing them if you keep asking for them. So if these are things that you want, and you want more breathing techniques and relaxation techniques let me know. Give me a thumbs up! And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, ’cause I’ll put out these little videos as well as my more intense videos, all throughout the week. So you want to subscribe so that you know about it. And we’ll keep working together and relaxing together for a healthy mind and a healthy body. Inaudible When you feel like your heart’s beating out of your chest, everything, you feel like the adrenaline tingling in your fingers all that horrible anxiety feeling This can be something that you can do, so if you feel a little anxious today and you want to do it with me, I’m going to run you through a couple breaths of it, just one run, and we’ll see how it goes. Okay. So the whole time you want to have the tip of your tongue right behind your front teeth, where your gum and your teeth meet. Why? I don’t know, but it’s supposed to help relax us. So we’re just going to do what we’re supposed to do. Right. So we put our tongue right there. We’re gonna keep it there no matter what we’re doing.

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