How to Relieve Allergies Naturally

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How to Relieve Allergies Naturally. If you spend the summertime itching, sneezing,
and wheezing, try natural remedies to deal with your allergies. You will need Butterbur Nettle Goldenseal
Saline nasal spray Grape seed extract Quercetin Vitamin C Eucalyptus Steam treatments Alfalfa
Spicy foods Nettle tea (optional) and neti pot (optional). Step 1. Try the European herb butterbur. Though how it works is not fully understood,
butterbur has proven effective at reducing allergy symptoms. Step 2. Take freeze-dried nettle. Nettle, also known as stinging nettle, dog
nettle, California nettle, and dwarf nettle, is available freeze-dried and packaged at
herbal grocers and vitamin outlets. You can also make nettle tea. Pick young, fresh nettle, dry the leaves,
put them in a teapot, and add boiling water. Let the tea steep for a few minutes, and then
drink it. Step 3. Try a tonic made from the herb goldenseal. Goldenseal contains berberine, which has astringent
and local antibacterial properties and may be effective for allergy relief. Step 4. Use a saline nasal spray. A saline nasal spray can be effective in clearing
mucous from nasal cavities and can help liquefy secretions. Use a saline solution in a neti pot to clear
nasal passages. Step 5. Use grape seed extract and the flavonoid compound
quercetin. Both are available in supplement forms and
can be effective in relieving allergy symptoms, especially when taken with vitamin C. Step
6. Use eucalyptus to relieve nasal congestion
due to allergies. The vapor from eucalyptus clears congestion
and loosens mucus and is especially effective when used in conjunction with steam treatments. Step 7. Try alfalfa. Alfalfa is thought to improve the runny nose,
sneezing, and itching present in allergic rhinitis. Step 8. Eat spicy foods, which thin mucous secretions,
clearing nasal passages. The spicier the dish, the more effective this
remedy is. Step 9. Avoid eating melon, banana, cucumber, sunflower
seeds, chamomile, and herbal supplements containing echinacea, which can worsen your symptoms
if you suffer from ragweed or pollen allergies. Look forward to the end of allergy season,
when you’ll be able to confidently go outside again. Did you know Moving to another location is
no guarantee of relief for allergy sufferers because they usually develop allergies to
their new region’s pollens and molds within a few years of moving.

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    Modern Scientific Pharmaceutical remedies- Total experimental time: ~2-3 decades. Success rate: ~93%.

    If you're stupid enough to accept the advice in this video, please go die from anaphylaxis so the average IQ of the human population will rise.

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