How to Relieve Headaches & Migraines | Reflexology

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The reflex points we’re going to focus on
for migraines and headaches are the reflexes to the brain, head, neck reflexes, the spinal
reflexes and then we’ll end with the solar plexus. So, we’ll begin using thumb and finger-walking
techniques. And we’ll start with the toe, work our way
down. So, with the toe you always want to support
the ball of the foot. The whole top of the foot here. And then you can finger or thumb-walk down. So, supporting the toe in the back you can
thumb-walk down the toe. You want to be extremely thorough if this
is something that is important for your friend or family member that they’re struggling with. So, you’ll want to thumb-walk down, up, across. You could do it here. You could also lift and go into a point a
little bit more. You could go at a slight angle on your way
up. You can support and use your thumb and your
finger and go down at the same time. And you could use your finger-walking on this
part. So, again you’re just coming down with the
finger-walking right here. You can give attention to the pituitary gland
reflex. You can give attention to all these brain
reflexes. You could use a little bit of your knuckle
at the top, if you want, to get in there a little deeper. I don’t use a lot of knuckle techniques. I don’t think they’re necessary. I think the thumb-walking is very effective. Once you’ve done your whole toe, the neck
reflexes here, the brain reflexes here – coming down you want to do the spinal reflex. So, with the spinal reflex you’re going to
come all the way from the top and do the entire spine. So, I’ll start here. Always supporting. And then I come down with thumb-walking. And I just move as I continue on. And I’m taking really small bites here, so
you’re not doing big if don’t want to miss any area. And you’re going through different parts of
the spine, too. You’re going through at the very of your cervical
spine and your thoracic spine and your lumbar spine. And these are the end points. You’re sending a message from this end-point
to the corresponding area to relax. So, you don’t want to rush that. Just take your time. So, you’ll want to do it bilaterally. You’ll want to do both feet. In addition to that big toe you’re going to
want to do all the toes. So, with the neck reflexes here, it’s the
same with the other toes. You also have the sinuses that come down right
here. So with each toe just give a little bit of
attention right there as well. And of course at the very top we have the
brain reflexes. You give attention to all the toes, both feet
and then the spinal reflexes on the way down. And then I always end with a solar plexus
hold. So, you take your thumbs here. This is the diaphragm line. You’re going to come across here. Right in the center, there. That’s your point. And you just lean forward.

55 thoughts on “How to Relieve Headaches & Migraines | Reflexology

  1. People. This isn't weird. This is a brilliant medical & therapy technique. Centuries old. Things like "Charlie The Unicorn" or "Gungnam Style", that's weird.

  2. People that think this doesnt work are
    Idiots. How does low tire pressure give you lower gas mileage.. 1 thing affects the other .. So does the body and without proper knowledge of anatomy
    And physiology. 1 will always b ignorant and say stupid things…research jerksssssss…


  4. Quack quack quack!
    "By definition…alternative medicine has either not been proved to work… our been proved NOT to work. Do you know what they call alternative medicine that's been proven to work? MEDICINE." -Tim Minchin

  5. Everyone saying this won't work needs to stop. Yes, it's alternative medicine and has no scientific backing it but it's the placebo effect. If you think it will work then it will. Besides you clicked on the video, no one forced you so just stop. Let them think it helps and get a massage to feel better as long as they're not paying someone or using this as an alternate to visiting a doctor if this is a chronic problem.

  6. Bit complex for anyone who doesn't know how to do reflexology, and what if u have no one to do it for u? I don't think anyone with a severe migraine would want someone doing this as it's painful. It has never worked on me for anything…

  7. Had my hubby do this n wow, it felt great! 🙂 I love Reflexology. 🙂 But thank you for showing the way to help relieve the headache from my high blood pressure.

  8. I quit drinking coffee about 4 months ago. My 2 to 3 headaches per week stopped after a day or two of cutting out coffee completely. Also, my teeth are much whiter AND I do not have any stomach digestion problems anymore. If some of you are having constant headaches, you might consider cutting out coffee completely along with any other caffeinated products.

  9. What are a few causes on why this problem happens and why this solution works? Could jumping a lot have an impact on this?

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