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The money that you make.. does it
disappear.. where does it go.. what takes it… I work a lot and work enough… I work hard
but what takes the money.. the money just disappears,,, does your money just
disappear? does your money go on things that you don’t even see… things that you
don’t even know… things that you don’t even like …things that you don’t even
aware of? stay tuned. Israel once again from Injibs Cosmets hoping you stay tuned
to our beauty tips today. Our topic is how to save money and one of the 15
shocking things that take money out of your wallet, out of your hands, out of
your bank accounts, is the unhealthy foods. We’ve seen all the most of some of
the things that take money out of your account just to study this series but
right now we’re talking about the unhealthy foods
how are the unhealthy foods taking money out of your wallet and healthy foods are
very good I’m not saying foods are bad all foods are good do not get me wrong
this video is not about tarnishing any company
it’s not about tarnishing anybody or spoiling anybody’s brand or spoiling
anybody’s name and remember no names mission we’re not gonna mention any
names in this video but I know since you are above 18 and you are adult enough
you’re big enough literally you’re big enough to make your choices and to
choose out what is good and what is bad nothing is bad foods are good but my
point is people are allergic to different foods people are allergic to
different kind of stuff so they take up fight discover what is good for you
discover what works for you and then use that up for that and then take that take
the take advantage of that and make use of it for the best of breed of you of
your life your health and you so foods are not bad foods are good trust me
everything that you find out there in the market is good but then how do they
become bad is when we have become obsessed
Remer previous Oh talked about entertainment one of the
15 shocking things that take money out of your wallet was entertainment we
mentioned how entertainment steals money from you by spending money on things
that don’t even matter things that you think it’s an entertainment yet it’s an
obsession so hit that cut that will take you straight to that video and check it
out right now at our tip is or one of the 15 shocking things that took money
from our bank accounts our hands were cut holes in our hands
money just goes to one of those 15 things that we’re talking about right
now is the unhealthy foods what do they unhealthy would have to have to do with
this I mentioned in one of my videos that some of the foods that actually out
there in the market they are filled with additives they’re filled with food
thickeners that food with food colorings the food will filled with preservatives
they are filled with all kinds of artificial thing that the body doesn’t
recognize as natural remember as human beings when we were actually designed we
were created we were put into the garden we were basically the first man that was
formed was formed out of dust if you guys believe in creation well I know
some people believe in evolution whereby they say baboons and monkeys came we
came out of baboons and monkeys and all that evolution you know that kind of
stuff so well it is true if it’s really true that we came out of baboons and
monkeys then how comes how come the baboons that that are existing right now
haven’t yet turned into people or does it mean that now the ovulation cycle
stopped or some it’s some people I just I don’t understand
so anyway in my case I personally believe in creation and I know that my
almighty almighty the book good book the good book the manual that I came with
here on earth that explains how I should live in how I
function and how I should function according to that manual I believe that
I was formed from the dust and in case in case I pass on I go back to the dust
where I came from and the spirit goes back to weight came from now I don’t
believe in in dying I’m a person who believes in life so but but but anyway
that’s what happens the body goes but that works back to ashes way tantrum and
all that kind of stuff so the we were created to be in a garden we were
created and we were put in a garden basically this thing’s we’re supposed to
feed on should be cells that are alive alive cells cells that we eat that we
feed on should be alive if it’s not alive and it’s dead
then it’s not gonna be useful to your health it’s not gonna be useful to you
what do I mean by my stinks should be alive and the soul should be living
well the in the garden you find that things were plants were created plants
who are designed and they were put there for us to feed on the trees the fruits
the wages the roots and all that kind of stuff
these are cells that are living these cells are supposed to be living even
when they go inside of our bodies they are supposed to keep living they are
supposed to remain living now where does the problem comes the problem where the
problem comes is when we have to sustain the sub community or the society and
make sure that it gets enough of what it should supposed to get in terms of diet
and in terms of sustaining it food wise so basically the population became so
huge that we became so a lot here on earth and by that actually the system
had to come up with a strategy or a way to sustain this for population and by
that you find that most things were in things like artificial foods had to be
put out there in order to see that people are sustained basically poverty
not poverty but droughts and framing actually caused the system to come up
with with such calculations to make sure that the zone is enough preserve
preserved in the in the in the in the in the storages and all that kind of stuff
so then the system had to come up with these foods to make sure that they
sustain the people so that people don’t die from so it all comes back now to but
maintaining having power and authority to maintain I do understand that we do
have the authority as human beings to maintain and and and control everything
that happens here or not but then there are some things that we need to leave
for the Almighty or to the Almighty so that you so that we keep in front of him
or in his presence and show him that he is our Father is our Lord and we need to
actually need from him we have to do well and rely on him well I’m not
preaching don’t think I’m preaching but these are the things that actually
matter in our daily lives and you find that people actually are living in
poverty and cannot see every coin or every cent that gets into their bank
account simply because they fail to know the ways of living they fail to know who
they are they fail to know what purpose they fail to know whether they eat to
live or they eat to live so it’s not always about the feeding and putting and
stuffing and putting things into your mouth there’s more things that matter
some way I read somewhere in one of the good books that it’s not man shall never
live only on bread but with every words that come out of the Lord the Almighty
which could be true it’s not always about feeding and chungu feeding and
feeding and feeding and stuffing yourself with all those kinds of
starchy and and all that history and all that kind of stuff those things could be
harmful to you if you’re not dude if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself
addicted to such stuff such foods are good I’m not saying those foods are bad
bread is good I love bread cookies burgers they’re so good but now my point
is how often do you engage yourself to those things are you addicted to those
things our topic here is the unhealthy foods one of the 15 shocking things that
take money out of your bank account out of your wallet out of your hands out of
your pockets and out of your bags what kind of foods do your feed on are they
healthy are they craving foods or other foods
that take money out of you most of these foods like I mentioned from the
beginning of this video are filled with preservatives artificial stuff now
always our urge people to read carefully on the instructions making sure that
whatever that they’re going to put inside their mouths is is eatable
Eddie boy is it eatable that’s your system recognize it as something else
other cells alive what the cells could be alive buddy are they artificial cells
or are they unnatural cells so whatever that you put in your mouth will always
determine your looks the dual is determine your thinking will always
determine it will affect basically it will affect the war area of your life
how do one healthy foods take money out of our wallets it’s very simple you go
and buy foods from stores I’m not saying foods are bad foods that
are in stores are bad but then without your reading and having a good knowledge
of what you’re picking from the Shelf you go ahead and buy things bring them
eat get addicted get inflammation inflammation get addicted
go back spend what there’s little that you have buy more buy more feed yourself
feed yourself get inflamed get addicted get addicted one to buy more go back buy
more can you see that your money is actually going or going to things that
are not are not helpful to your health foods that are not even gonna take gonna
the body your body doesn’t even recognize these foods but because of
your addiction because of your obsession over these foods you end up spending all
that you have on these foods say for instance sweet sweetened foods
and all those kind of foods these foods are designed to get you addicted this
again I’m not earning anybody’s company’s name I’m not mentioning names
here but at the same time as human beings we need to know exactly how to
take charge of our finances in our lives and our health at the same time when
you’re buying these foods what are you why are you buying that
thing that thing that you stuck in your mouth is it gonna be able to be digested
and taken into the toilet or is it gonna be it’s gonna it’s gonna be stuffed
somewhere in the thighs I’m gonna explain to you how the body works
briefly as like I said I’m not a physician but trust me I’m very well
clued when it comes to diet and health because I’ve by experienced I’ve
experienced that and I know where I came from I know where I came from well I’m
not exactly where I wanna be but thank God I’m not where I used to be so I’m
telling you this by experience this is how the body functions you take
something you put it inside your mouth and that something is artificial it’s
either it’s got preservatives it’s good food thickeners it’s got all the food
coloring and all that kind of stuff again these things are not bad
but it’s all comes back to you who’s taking them take them in moderation and
always detox after you take them anyway um what happens is you put something in
your mouth after you put it in your mouth you swallow it when you swallow it
the body has to receive it after you you swallow you’ve done your part now it’s
left for the body to do its part now you take that body that thing sorry you
stuff it in your mouth and you swallow it down the throat so it gets into the
body now it’s up to the stomach and the liver the whole digestive system to make
sure that it processes this thing that you’re put in the body and then now
since it’s not a living cell it’s artificial the body doesn’t recognize it
as if as a thing that it can put basically the liver doesn’t know how to
deal with that particular artificial being it doesn’t know how is it gonna
digest then the liver is designed to feed on
green on living cells green cells one good on grass on plants and veggies and
fruits things that are living things that decay in just a few hours every
hours the cells the cells change the cell the molecular structure changes not
when something stays stable for two years if something stays stable for two
years your body does not recognize that thing and it will never process it so
what happens so you find that the food that food goes into the system now
because the kid take the liver does not know how to process that thing it
considers it it considers it as stranger it considers
it an intruder so what they liver does it because it cannot process it it
rejects it it doesn’t take it in in order to process it so what it does it
sends it back now that is where you find some of the foods causing acid and then
you find a solution acid reflux whereby the stuff is coming
man is first being forced to come back up so most of this acid is posed by
foods that the body reject when it rejects it it comes back and then it
comes back it comes stays in the intestines and then it’s not processed
and then and then cells are sent the body cells say send cells to that
particular stranger or to that particular intruder to make sure that it
burns it in quenches it up and throw it out of the body now the only way for
that process to happen is for you to bring it up back up and vomit it that’s
the only way something can be rejected out of the body it can never be taken to
the toilet if the liver couldn’t process it so most cases what happens is food is
taken and stored somewhere food that was rejected by the liver or by the system
and it couldn’t process it it was taken and stored in the thighs stored under
the arms stood in the neck stored under them here in the gut and all that those
kind of places so that is where you find that all the artificial foods are stored
then usually now I’m gonna explain to you one more thing remember we on the
topic and health we’re on the topic how to save money one of the 15 shocking
things that take money out of our wallets is the unhealthy foods and right
now I’m trying to explain to you how it works with the unhealthy foods and then
they end up actually affecting your wallet your health in your bank account
so now what happens now in phlegm in now let’s talk about inflammation right now
what is flemish inflammation is a very good sign
that the body actually uses in order to fight off infections or to get the body
heal itself so it’s one of those things just like fever fever is good
you should get fever it means now the immune system is actually at work it’s
fighting and throwing bullets at the bacteria of the virus so fever is good
if though it’s bad now when it comes a long term thing or when it comes chronic
then it’s not good but FIFA is always a good sign the same way inflammation what
is inflammation inflammation is when when you say you get it cut or you’ll
swell or you get you get hurt somewhere on your skin somewhere or in your hand
or in your foot you maybe you are playing soccer in and then you get you
got an injury and that kind of stuff so you find that you get swollen you become
swollen that area get bruised and it becomes red and it becomes swollen so
that’s swirling that swelling of that area is an acute called an acute
inflammation acute inflammation now acute inflammation is a good sign
because in that injured area cells have to be sent in order to go and fight at
the front so after that that is why you see that area turns red because the
cells to fight have been sent the white blood cells have been sent into that
area to attack the invader and to make sure that that area blood gets clot
blood clots in the area starts healing itself and produce good new cells around
that area so acute inflammation is actually good now where the problem lies
is when that inflammation becomes chronic now how does chronic
inflammation works chronic inflammation is when the body is in a constant
fighting mode it’s forever fighting just just like black have explained to you
this whole mechanism of inflammation how it works
sending soldiers and go fight at the front that is acute inflammation chronic
inflammation is when that acute inflammation happens on a daily basis or
24/7 you are always inflamed now there is an
inflammation that shows on the outside like I’ve explained but remember there
is also another inflammation that happens inside the body that doesn’t
happen on the side on the outside so say for instance you eat something or you
get an allergy or you you get an injury somewhere inside
now that allergy inside gets the same thing that happens out here on the skin
when you’re injured is the same thing that happens inside the body your body
inside gets it wounded by this toxic thing that you put inside then inside
without you knowing you’re just having it having a good life out here that is
why you wake up in the morning and your eyes were swollen you have your nose
were swollen your thingy was there pregnant women usually because they have
they’re going through something inside of them inside here that so they usually
suffer from the inflammation from inside because the embryo has to do stuff and
change and make some changes inside their body so pregnant women actually go
through inflammation internally that is where you find their faces rearranged
they get swollen their feet get swollen when these work too much for too long
they get swollen that is internal inflammation so there’s a lot of
swelling that happens inside your body if you’re not really careful through the
foods and things that we the toxins we put inside our bodies do not forget to
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to the inflammation so chronic inflammation you find that the bodies
the foods that you eat the foods that you eat
keep the body injured from inside at all times and then you find that you say for
instance you go and then when and buy something toxic you eat it you eat it
the body gets injured inside or it get bruised by that stranger who the system
doesn’t know the body get bruised after the body is bruised soldiers are sent
into that area now while they’re busy fighting on the front to get rid of this
intruder then when the violence or any friction comes and attack you flu or
cough or fever anything there is not enough resources to go and fight off the
infection because all the soldiers are on the front fighting this toxin that
you did put in your body so you find that the body is in a constant mode of
fighting constant mode of inflammation it’s forever and ever and ever
inflamed now that is where actually you find chronic diseases are developed most
of the deadly diseases and even the causes of death is caused by one thing
by not anything else other than one thing which is inflammation inflammation
is where all the chronic diseases are born all the chronic diseases come from
what are chronic diseases high blood pressure the cardiovascular diseases
like the heart attack the stroke the the ulcers the asthma the the brain tumors
cancer and and on every chronic disease a chronic sickness chronic disease
is a disease that never go away is it this is where you are prescribed on
medication the diabetes and all that sugar and all that stuff the chronic
diseases are always always formed by one thing which is inflammation like I’ve
explained inflammation chronic inflammation is when your body’s in a
constant healing mode forever and ever it’s busy
constantly healing time comes time comes when they they when they when you’re
when your immune system develops this habit whereby it start it is it stops
recognizing its own organs and then it starts shooting at them it starts
fighting them to get rid of them say for instance you’ve been
intoxicating your lungs you’ve been smoking for years for 20 years 30 years
I’m not saying smoking is bad but they need to retain their on the cigarette
smoking causes cancer so which brings at the end of the date brings us back to
you making your choice and making a decision so smoking is not bad but you
who smokes it make a choice of whether you wanna catch cancer or you want to
stay away from it but it’s written right there so cuz smokers cigarettes makers
are not killing you they want you it causes cancer so say back to the topic
you’ve been feeding on on cigarettes for years for xx now the lands that used to
be pink they look black now so the immunity system immune system the
immunity doesn’t recognize black lands immune system knows pink lands so what
happens is since black looks foreign to the immune system what a minute system
is going to do it’s gonna turn to that organ which is supposed to be its own
which it’s a to be protecting it but him in other
words instead it turns to that organ and starts getting rid of that organ now
that that process is called auto immunity auto immunity where the immune
system turns to its own organs and try to throw them out and you can’t blame it
because the liver that used to be this color is now that color depending on
what toxins you’ve been pumping and pumping and pumping into your body so
can you see now this whole autoimmune is what autoimmunity is what causes chronic
diseases all of these chronic diseases that you see that I’ve mentioned above
all all all all of them are autoimmune diseases like high blood pressure is
when the blood blood for the cells to do stuff and then then it goes hide and
almost go hide and go down and then you find their bitches is now when the sugar
sugar levels are not balancing and then they sugar has to be or the insulin your
body can’t produce insulin anymore and all that kind of stuff all those are
autoimmune diseases and what is autoimmune caused by it’s caused by
inflammation the inflammation is the constant healing of your of your body
every time and what is the first thing that causes inflammation is the foods
that we’ve put pushed down the throats foods that we toxic ate our bodies with
I’m not saying foods are bad things I’m not saying alcohol is bad smoking is
bad but again I urge you and I encourage you to detox immediately I’ll tell you
in toxic aid detox take that toxins out of your body there are a lot of people’s
things spices and all that kind of herbs that gets rid of inflammation from the
inside how do you know you’re inflamed 99.9% of the population are inflamed how
what am I talking about people are inflamed do you wake up in
the morning and you’ve got a puffy face your eyes are swollen or your nose is
swollen or your excuse me am I not getting inflammation anyway so do you
get up in the morning with a swollen side or with a swollen finger with that
is inflammation from inside that is inflammation is if it the best there are
foods foods that you should you should stay away before you go to bed and those
foods are very well known that you’ll wake up in the morning with a puffy face
especially foods that are filled with omega C with omega-6 oils omega-6 oils
like the vegetable oils and all that kind of stuff so go and research and
find out what is omega-6 remember omega-3 is the fish fish oil now omega-6
the vegetable oil the oils the grease that all the stuff in the past foods
that we eat that oil all of that oil is omega-6 so go and research and find out
and if I could be right or wrong go and do your own research if you have any
comments about it put that comment down there and correct me if I’m wrong and
tell her give us more tips about the debt and good foods and bad foods so
what happens is you wake up with a chronic inflammation you will never be
you’ll never dis you’ll never have any part of you that is injured you’ll never
see that on the outside you won’t bleed you won’t you won’t get it’s necessarily
swollen the hand is up like this even though there is a slight swelling from
the inside that hardly shows on the outside and you find someone is gaining
weight or someone is becoming fat and all that kind of stuff that fat
basically becoming fat is is inflammation becoming fat is
inflammation inflammation is number one play
a 90% roll of becoming fat swelling up and swelling up and swelling up like a
balloon that is the inflammation I’m sorry I
don’t know I know you might not want to hear what I’m saying but this is the
reality so either grab it and take it and use it
for them for the positive or throw it back in my throw it back in my face you
can throw it badly in the comments if you want to so these people are working
around struggling with inflammation in in chronic inflammation and this is what
actually causes chronic diseases cause it causing even death from chronic
diseases you develop death whereby the body or the body is messed up the immune
system doesn’t even work anymore it got tired and it died the the liver doesn’t
do what it does it the kidney got tired of your stuff that you stuck with on a
daily basis it gave up in it their lungs they con you can’t breathe on your own
any longer you can’t you need an oxygen to help you or you need this pumping
this inhaler to help you breathe all of those are diseases that are
caused by inflammation inflammation inflammation is caused by stuffing
stuffing stuff things into your throat down your throat and forcing things down
the throat that thing that space straight thing that you’re pushing down
the throat does the body know it that’s the body recognized pastry stuff
I’m not saying pastry stuff are bad please don’t get me wrong at the end of
the day it comes back to you make a choice make a good choice now
this video is all about helping you to save money how does it how how how does
it have to do with saving money this grow this whole scenario that I’ve
explained to you about how the body works and the inflammation and the
chronic diseases and all that it all adds up to your health and it all ends
you up say you you being your inflaming yourself on a daily
basis by spending on those foods same foods you’re spending on other foods
that are destroying you after spending a fortune on them
remember you’re struggling with poverty on the other side on the other side
you’re struggling with addiction and being addicted to these foods you’re
suffering with addiction and then as after you take from the little that you
have or even you’re living on debts you go spend it on the on the on the
inflammatory foods you then after spending them you stuff them in you get
addicted as you get addicted you’re becoming inflamed but by becoming a
flame you still you start craving more you crave more you’re becoming fat you
become fat you crave more you collect more you take the little that you have
you go spending turn the shelves spend it on the shelves you buy things that
are inflaming you you flame yourself destroying yourself get so with this
daily cycle of this happening on a daily daily basis you end up developing
chronic diseases that send you to a chemist where you are going now to
pretty prescribe prescribed for the rest of your life you then you go to the
chemistry wondering what’s wrong with me the heart I can’t read any more properly
the Lance code then you go for a check-up remember it’s that inflammation
you are inflamed by the things you’ve been eating or throughout those years
now the organs can’t take it anymore the organs give up the girl organs look
at the food that you give it and there is only 1% 1% of something that can take
and use use and digest and use it for them for the good of them of your health
and body so what they organs do they give up they give up your cells the
organs are not artificial they okay then liver also needs to view needs to be
fueled the liver needs to be fed it needs to be given something that it can
use in order to feed it and work it and fuel it and make it healthy so that it
can carry on with the daily work that you give it in the body so now you’re
not fueling the the liver what fuels the
liver raw honey raw honey is very good at fueling their liver so take a spoon a
tablespoon every before you go to bed take a tablespoon of rouhani not
processed honey rouhani take a tablespoon and that tablespoon go to bed
that tablespoon will feel well the liver while their liver carries on with these
duties that it’s supposed to do then you wake up in the morning with a very good
out and having a good life in it and a good way of facing the day sorry so find
a find ways of how to fuel the body’s what does the pancreas what does the
pancreas do the pancreas does this what does it pump the pancreas is this is the
tiny green dark green dark green piece organ piece of organ that is found
somewhere inside there that is the thing that whenever they’re slaughtering a
chicken you’re you’re you’re told do not make sure when you’re pulling out the
intestine the insides you don’t break that thing in there because when that
thing breaks the whole chicken you’re gonna have to throw it out because it’s
going to come it’s going to become bitter so that is the pancreas
we also have pancreas that is where you need to feed on herbs bitter leaves and
all those bitter stuff the pancreas needs that stuff all that bitter stuff
that feeds the pancreas for it to be able to actually fight pancreas the
immunity system the immune system uses the pancreas to fight off diseases
so so the feed your organs don’t even feed later on you let around them using
the right puts and and and and and digest it for you themselves they give
up because they are not fuel they are not fed you’re not giving them what they
need to in order to to work what they need to work with so you find that the
body has been inflamed for a very long time
then it give organs give up their heart failures why the heart fail because if
the heart doesn’t get enough blood that you don’t give their heart you don’t
rest you only stressed out you always you
don’t you also you can easily get inflammation from being stressed out all
of that anything that affects your life emotionally or physically can easily
cause inflammation to you remember when you receive bad news bad shocking news
you will straightaway you’ll get a fever you’ll enter in cover yourself in bed or
go get a running stomach Ronnie running stomach instantly so the all that stuff
are faked and can cause inflammation and your body so then you back to the top
back to the topic you get inflamed them liver the body organs cannot take it
anymore then nowadays your body stops functioning properly
now you’ve developed now into chronic diseases you go for a checkup and they
tell you I will sorry you need we need to up with me you need to go on
medication your blood pressure is is double your diabetes – or diabetes
theory or you have whatever and whatever or you’ve developing cancer somewhere
those cancer cells are things that are caused by the body rejecting some of the
things and storing them some way kidney stones kidney stones are formed by gas
foods gas foods and and greasy foods and sweet sweeteners artificial sweetener
all the stuff bind together and they clog because the body couldn’t use them
or process them it puts them aside the way it puts them they clog and they hold
together because they cannot be absorbed into the system or process so they clog
and they hold into stones as time goes back then you’ll find that you develop
kidney stones then they have to go operate and cut them out and all that
stuff what causes all that stuff it’s from taking your money all your money
wasting it on toxins wasting it on toxins now can you see now you’ve ended
up in the promise either in the in the in two or three see you’ve ended up at a
physician’s place where he prescribes you with with me now that’s where now
your medical aid comes in your medical aid steps in then now you need to you
need to find us your addiction you need to finish your inflammation on the other
side you’re not gonna stop the inflammation you gonna still keep your
fleming inflaming yourself but then you know well that actually on the side you
are prescribed two medications that have to deal with the chronic diseases so
you’re spending on the foods that you blame you at the same time at the same
time you’re actually financing the pharmaceutical that is maintaining this
inflammation of yours then I am the end you end up in poverty you end up do you
can’t even maintain that medical aid anymore you end up dying so can you see
how you have entered your own grave just to know the foods that you stopped in
your mouth so I hope I’ve made myself clear make
sure that anything you spend money on in terms of food make sure read the
ingredients very carefully because this ingredients use most of them a wound
will not agree with your body this ingredients will not I know some of them
are in scientific names but always make sure that you know exactly what you got
if you don’t know what you’re reading on that instructions ask someone they’re in
the store someone will explain to you and gives you directions of how
to use it if you don’t know leave it and go for something that you know how to
use there are spices I remember men started machining and then I’ve got
destructed about things that can cure inflammation and fight inflammation off
now this there are spices like ginger ro ginger I don’t cook it raw ginger is
very good at fighting inflammation garlic is very good at fighting
inflammation and beetroot is good at fighting inflammation carrots are very
good at fighting inflammation this many many vegetables especially when they are
fresh and they are not cooked not fruits fruits fruits are good but fruits are
good on the vitamin C side because the body in order to heal it means vitamin C
so but then now the healing the fighting part fighting part you need vegetables
you need healthy vegetables to fight off that inflammation. Fight of the
information.. ginger keeps the body warm in order for
the blood to move smoothly into the veins then it prevents so that it can
prevent you from clotting inside the body from give you high blood pressure
and all that kind of stuff. Garlic on the other side thins that blood
that is being moved and so that it can move smoothly when it’s not thick and
it’s thin. so many there are things… watch my videos, go hit that card it will take
you straight to the foods that that removes inflammation, foods that are good
that are anti-inflammatory and those that are pro-inflammatory so always know your
game up your game make sure you save money save money by following these 15
shocking things that take money out of your wallet under the topic how to save
money. Israel once again from Injibs Cosmets hoping you stay tuned
to our beauty tips today.

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