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(gentle airy jingle) – Hi, this is John Fallot with Senior Enrollment Solutions. The annual enrollment
period has recently ended. We’ve saved our consumers
over a million dollars on their prescription drug coverage in the brief window of
October 15th to December 7th. Being proactive and understanding your prescription drug costs for the following year, your co-payments, your
premiums, deductibles, previous video, How to Shop
Your Prescription Drug Plan, crucial time of the year. However, if you were hospitalized, if a loved one was ill, I understand that you
may have not been able to reevaluate your
prescription drug coverage. So here’s a few things
that can assist you. First, there’s a website,
it’s We’ll post it down below. Needy Meds allows for you, as a consumer, to reach out to the
pharmaceutical provider to receive assistance with your prescription drug coverage. Not all of your medications, but the expensive ones. If you’re on an inhaler, if you’re a diabetic needing insulin, we understand there are some very expensive medications out there. You may have a surprise when you purchase your
medications this upcoming year. I beg of you, visit, as they may assist you in
saving thousands of dollars. The other thing I would suggest to you is that Senior Enrollment Solutions does provide a free
prescription drug card. Setup at any pharmacy
nationwide, no cost to you. If we can save you more money than what your prescription
drug plan is providing to you, if you happen to be in the donut hole, even if you need pet medications, our prescription drug card is setup anywhere you wish to go. We’ll text you the card,
we’ll email you the card or physically mail you the card so that way you have a backup plan when it comes to your
prescription drug cost so you’re never paying full retail. If you have any questions, visit our website, Phone us any time at 877-777-5972. (gentle airy jingle)

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